What Happened to Matt Dallas After Kyle XY?

As a young teen discovering my sexuality in the early 2000’s, I vividly remember sitting at my bulky desktop computer and searching for masculine shirtless content on the internet. For the most part, I was incredibly sheltered and didn’t dare to search for gay porn until a few years later. However, at the time, a ton of different websites were hyping up this emerging actor named Matt Dallas; the star of a new ABC Family series titled ‘Kyle XY’.

If you were alive at the time, you probably remember the viral publicity stills of Dallas showing off his washboard abs and lack of bellybutton (because his character on the show was an alien… or something). This time capsule in pop culture history embedded in my memory 15 years later, so I wondered – what is Matt Dallas up to today?


‘Kyle XY’ ran for three seasons, between 2006 and 2009, until it was surprise cancelled due to “low ratings.” Although never expressed or confirmed, gay men at the time were already believing that Matt Dallas was a member of the LGBT community; even jokingly referring to him as Kyle KY. In 2016, Dallas came out in a YouTube video that also debuted his now husband, an aspiring musician named Blue Hamilton.


Together, the adorable pair launched their YouTube channel into existence, which has proved to be quite popular to this day. In between finishing ‘Kyle XY’ and starting his road trip down YouTube fame lane, Matt recurred on other ABC shows including Eastwick and Baby Daddy and starred in horror film Ghost of Goodnight Lane.


Life is still booked and busy for Matt and his husband, Blue. The lovable pair are currently raising two children and documenting their life together on YouTube. And they opened a lifestyle brand store called Twenty Five North. Even though his last credited role was the Lifetime movie ‘A Daughter’s Plan to Kill in 2019’, Matt has two film dramas in the pipeline. It’s safe to say that the Matt Dallas story is a shining example that you can escape the clutches of Hollywood with your morals intact. While Matt continues to act, it’s obvious that he’s a happy, healthy, well-adjusted adult who doesn’t base his entire existence around fame. And, honestly, he’s looking a-fucking-mazing for almost hitting his 40’s. 

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4 thoughts on “What Happened to Matt Dallas After Kyle XY?”

  1. TWO children?? Literally remember watching Kyle XY as a closeted teen and then Matt come out on youtube, and then his son grow up throughout the years 😮

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  3. The few episodes I saw of Kyle XY, I thoroughly enjoyed. He was well-cast for the part. Glad that he did theater.
    Thank you for sharing your Coming Out story.
    It could be the video’s topic, but the couple look nervous and they have the need to keep it entertaining.


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