What happens when you lose the beard and add make-up?

Have you ever gone in to work in a new shirt or after a haircut and everyone in the office notices?  "what's different? Have you lost weight?"  Those are the good comments.  Or are your coworkers more oblivious to change?


What about if you shaved your beard? Put on eyeliner? Lipstick?  Would people notice? What would they say.  If they don't notice, your cubicle walls may be too high and you have no work friends.

BuzzFeed writer Isaac Fitzgerald took on the challenge of wearing make up for a week.  He stated;

I like to consider myself a person who is down for anything. I have 13 tattoos, I constantly change my hairstyle, and I foolishly rocked piercings and blonde tips deep into my college years. The only thing that’s stayed consistent about my appearance is how I dress, in a uniform of boots, jeans, and button-up shirts. I generally feel confident no matter how I look, so when the beauty editors of BuzzFeed’s Life team approached me about this makeup experiment, I had no reservations. The experiment would be simple: Wear makeup all week, Monday through Friday, with more makeup being added each day. How hard could it be? – BuzzFeed.com

I've been guilty of looking at a guy in make-up differently than others, treating them differently, basically just avoiding them and not at all interested in them.  Does that make me a bad person?  Too judgmental?  Shallow?  Yeah, probably so. 


So what did Isaac learn and experience?  Head on over to BuzzFeed.com and see how people reacted to his gradual change during the 5 day make-up challenge.

Those of you that wear make-up, what reactions have you had?


2 thoughts on “What happens when you lose the beard and add make-up?”

  1. People will always stare but

    People will always stare but I feel good with and without makeup. I just do a fab job so I see it more as a work of art on my face when I have time in the morning before school to do it. People might call it drag since I wear heels, dresses, and have flawless painted nails but I just identify as gender queer and will confirm my identity to who ever is open enough to ask. 


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