What Is Everyone Paid When It Comes To Making P*rn?



What is the draw to doing porn?

Is it the fame? The sex? The money? 

Maybe it's a combination of all these factors. 

Let's talk money.


Being a porn star isn’t as easy as it sounds. Sure, most of us can point to a few big names who have made it mainstream, but working in the industry isn't quite as lucrative as movies like Boogie Nights would have you think. In fact, performer pay rates are now at an all-time low. Increasingly, stars are starting to rely on alternative streams of revenue like product endorsement deals, snapchat requests, camming platforms and escorting to get by.

According to a recent report by CNBC, the average male porn actor earns around $500-$600 per scene. More established stars get around $700-$900. "Superstars” can expect wages around $1,500. Some say gay scenes pay better. Popular performers can make upward of $5,000 for a shoot, which might help explain the “gay-for-pay” phenomenon. 

According to the report, the average actress gets paid somewhere between $800 and $1,000 for “traditional” sex scenes (aka between a man and woman). Big-name actresses can reel in around $1,500, sometimes $2,000. Newcomers with a “bad reputation,” however, might earn as little as $300.

Those looking for higher wages are often encouraged to participate in more trying scenes. According to the report, the “most extreme” stunts can go for $1,800 to $2,500 (double anal, anyone?). For those with a large enough fan base, feature dancing might be the way to go. One actress/dancer told CNBC that she regularly earns $7,000 to $10,000 per appearance, which can last two days. – alternet.org

Of course they didn't mention the biggest take in the porn longevity game.  How many hundreds of millions have the Kardashians compiled off of Kim's video?  Maybe others are trying to follow in her "footsteps."

Go over to alternet.org to read more about the $$$ and porn, where Carrie Weisman shares with us what others in the porn industry make, i.e. camera operators, sound technicians, writers, and directors.  You can as well see the original new report at CNBC.com.  So if you're not built to be the star, maybe there is another facet of the porn industry you could dabble in. 

Have you been part of a porn and received payment?

Are the numbers above and in the article correct?

How much money would they need to pay you to do porn?

Would you do it for free?

***UPDATE***   *** UPDATE***   ***UPDATE***

After posting the blog, I had the chance to chat with an individual that worked with a male porn star whom was under a contract with one of the big gay porn video producers during the years of 2006 to 2010. 

"He got paid $3000 for every bottom scene and $1500 for every top scene … he was supposedly straight.  He would fly down to Tampa and do 3 maybe 4 scenes and make $9000 for the weekend. The contracts were for 12 month period at a time and that was back in '06 to '10 so things are definitely different now.  The porn star stated that the pay decrease in 2009 and so by 2010 he did not desire to renew his contract and left the business."

"In looking at how many scenes he did in 2006 to 2007 and doing the math, he made over $150K.  He would fly down once a month and do a bunch of scenes.  Once or twice he flew down two times in a month.  From his point of view it was like making $15k during a 4 day weekend."

So are those different numbers that were presented in the CNBC report?  Yes and no.  As it would, the amount of money someone would pull in would depend on how many scenes one would do.

I would like to thank my source who did not want to be named.  I as well agreed to not mention the company nor the star, but I may just go and watch some of his videos now.

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  1. Your numbers are kinda off.

    Your numbers are kinda off. There are so many factors also involved in this. Atleast what I know from being in the gay side of porn

  2. Just another example of how

    Just another example of how stupid gay men can be, do you realize how much money these industries make off of your video ? start demanding how much you want for each shoot and a % fo each time the video is sold or aired

    • Yeh, cause they’ve got a

      Yeh, cause they've got a union? They can all band together and demand higher prices? I think you're the stupid one mate. There are thousands of boys trying to get into the industry and when someone is asking for too much, then sorry, on to the next one..

  3. Are you fucking serious? It’s

    Are you fucking serious? It's 2016 and you're spelling porn in the headline bleeped out with an asterisk? Don't you think it's about time you grew up and stopped censoring words as innocuous as porn? Especially given that your publication caters to adult gay men. I think most of us have heard the word 'porn' before and don't get too terribly offended by it. It's not Victorian England anymore.

    • Hey Walt.¬† Thanks for the

      Hey Walt.  Thanks for the message.  Many sites, searches, etc block many borderline unacceptable words.  So in order to not be blocked by those and to reach more people, we as well as other blogs, magazines, etc need to manipulate some of those "borderline naughty" words.  I hope you understand. 

  4. I used to recruit for several

    I used to recruit for several major adult gay companies. Would have to go out and find the "talent" for the studios and then submit them for approval. It was exciting and exhausting at the same time. Recruited some of the biggest names in porn. It's all in the past and now I'm ready to do bigger and better things. Here's to 2016!!!

  5. Problem being that these

    Problem being that these videos will be around forever. So party and make money while your young. But what career choices do you have post porn bod? 

  6. I used to shoot my own

    I used to shoot my own amateur porn from about 2000 until about 2012 ish.  Life got busier in other places so it fell to the wayside.  Being a small amateur videographer without my own website to sell them on, I made very little money, and in turn could not pay a lot to my stars.  I usually paid $50.00 for an hour long solo or $100.00 for an anal flick.  Many folks who inquired thought that was way too low and then found out it was quite normal…and getting the BIG bucks meant you had to be a BIG star.  Others thought it was awesome to do what they WANTED to do in the first place AND get a few bucks for doing it.  Some did it once, some did it many.  And some did it for free and fun.  So everyone is different.  The internet has hurt it alot by killing off sales due to all the "free" porn out there from theft and from others just putting it out there for fun.  So one day we may start shooting again.

  7. This explains a lot. I was

    This explains a lot. I was wondering why some of the str8 guys from Corbin Fisher do gay sex shots again and again and again.  It pays a lot!


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