What is Somatic Sex Education? Let This Superbly Gorgeous Man Explain

Credit: The Erotiese Project (@erotiese on Instagram)

The world of sex took on a whole new meaning when COVID became a daily part of our lives earlier this year. Luckily there’s a very handsome man you can turn to that will give you advice on how to live your most fantastic intimate lifestyle in the safest and hottest of manners.

Meet Court Vox, a sex and intimacy coach who for years has been educating his clients for a variety of reasons with one thing in mind: for them to leave more knowledgeable about their body and/or partner(s) bodies than they did before.


Court chatted with Instinct Magazine exclusively about his teachings and what goes into them, one being called Somatic Sex Education, as well as how COVID has changed his career and if he thinks sex as a whole has changed completely due to this worldwide pandemic. 

Credit: The Erotiese Project (@erotiese on Instagram)
What inspired you to want to become a sex educator for all kinds of people?
Sex has always been a form or personal expression, exploration, and connection with self and others. It has at times been easier and at others more challenging. I value all of the moments which have really led me to a place where I am very comfortable in my own sexuality in a way that allows me to keep pushing my own boundaries of exploration and curiosity. It is my intention in my work to create safe enough space for individuals and those in relationship to explore curiosities and questions, met with acceptance and guidance. I wanted to become a sex educator because I heard and felt the need, both in my relationships, and my community for information and alternative ways of connecting, creating intimacy, and exploring self through sexuality and touch.
Your process is called Somatic Sex Education. Can you please describe what that means?
My main modality of work is called Somatic Sex Education. Somatic means of the body and while traditional coaches and psychotherapists work with clients in talk therapy, I facilitate learning, healing, and growth through touch, body based exercises, and talk.
What do you find is the most common thing that your clients discuss with you in order for them to have a better sex life?
There are a myriad of reasons clients seek my guidance and some of them are: body acceptance, being more present during sex, being able to ask for what they want, wanting to create more intimacy with partners, exploration of sensation and desires, and working through trauma. Interestingly enough many of these themes and the tools I teach, translate into all aspects of life including intimate relationships, career, family, etc.
Credit: The Erotiese Project (@erotiese on Instagram)
Do gay men contact you the most or is it pretty evenly spread between groups?
It is not exclusive, however most of my clients identify as gay men or straight women. When I work with women, I co-teach with a partner named Pamela Madsen. I have worked with trans women (mtf) and am very open to working with all bodies and orientations, and the people who find me are the ones who are meant to be with me.
What has COVID done for your business and has there been a peak or pit to it this past year?
This year has been mostly fruitful for me. It seems people who have been on the fence about doing any kind of personal growth work have really been confronted with the, “if not now, then when?” question and in full transparency, I have had a challenging time keeping up with the volume of people reaching out. This is a champagne problem for which I am grateful.
Covid has created some interesting hurdles as well, especially since my work is done in person and in close quarters. I have tested for Covid every week since April of this year as much for my own peace of mind, as my clients’ and I check temperatures at the door and ask clients to be aware of their own health. It has worked well.
Do you think the world of sex will forever be changed due to this pandemic?
I think so yes, and in a great way. Masturbation and self pleasuring definitely became a hot topic of discussion on social media with positive and shame free messages of encouragement around it. I think this is really the first time I’ve seen anything like that happen. As great as masturbation is, I think many of us are craving connection, touch, and sensation from others in an amplified way. The realization of how important touch is to us has become more apparent, as it has largely been taken away. As we come out of this, now is the time to try that thing you e always wanted to try, get better at expressing your desires in and out of the bedroom, and tackle issues head on. I promise, within those challenging issues are some really sexy discoveries waiting to unfold.
Credit: The Erotiese Project (@erotiese on Instagram)
In conclusion what are you most hopeful for when it comes to your booming career?
It’s my intention and hope that our community and culture as a whole will start to recognize sex, sexuality, and pleasure as basic human needs that should be afforded to all. It is my hope that shame be removed from sex and sexuality so as to set ourselves free to experience sex and life in its richest forms. I think it’s possible. By way of this conversation, it’s already in movement.
For more information please go to www.thebodyvox.com

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