What is the craziest thing you’ve done for that adrenaline rush?

More pics of a boy in his underwear?  Well these are a little different.

I think us Americans need to know when to stay away from other countries' festivals. It's okay to be an observer.  We don't have to participate in everything.  Someone should have told that to poor Ben.

Benjamin Miller, a 20-year-old Georgia resident, was celebrating at the Carnaval del Toro in Ciudad Rodrigo, Spain when he reportedly set out running alongside what turned out to be quite the aggressive bull. A photographer on scene documented the goring, which left Miller with serious injuries to his thighs, sphincter and back muscles.GAWKER.COM

How bad did this running with the bulls get for Ben?  And did those white undies stay white?  Head on over to GAWKER.COM to see more pics and learn of his injuries.  We do wish him a speedy recovery.

I think the craziest things I've done to get that adrenaline rush have been rollercoaster rides and getting my car up to 135 mph.  Rollercoaster was fine for it was a calculated risk and the 135 was in the hills of Vermont driving back from Montreal one Summer weekend.  But the running of the bulls? I am not sure all the math in the world would be able to tell me that this was a safe and calculated risk.  I won't be doing this.  Looking back, I wonder if the injured Ben would say it was all worth it.  He'll have the scars and the pics to prove he did it.


Have any of you participated in a running of the bulls? Any horror stories? 

Was it the adrenaline rush you were looking for?

What was the stupidest thing you have done for that adrenaline fix?

The "Running of the Bears" may be more appropriate for our community members, but probably would be just as scary.



What do you think?