What is The Level of Difficulty When Trying to Find Love in a Big City?

If you are lucky enough to live in a big city like Los Angeles and New York City, you will find that it is an assorted playground of thousands of men to peruse from, with the goal of hopefully finding one to call your own someday (not everyone's goal, mind you).

Finding that particular person can be incredibly tough for certain people, one's who have been navigating the dating pool like a big gay body of water with no means to an end for years.  Does it give them a one-way ticket to jadedville, or have they not been doing it right when it comes to finding the one you love in the big city?

There is a major debate, no matter what your sexuality is, on if it is easier to find love in a big city or small town.  Call it the "relationship chicken vs. egg" of sorts.  When there is a ton of variety out there, does it make it easier to find that one true person, or is there too much clutter that you feel like it's been reduced to a half-off bin, where nothing really seems that desirable to purchase?

Do small town gays have it better because it might be a slimmer pickings type thing, or is it rough on them as well because they may not be attracted to anyone where they are and are in fact envious of the big town gays because of that variety?  At what point is there a happy miedium here?

I asked my friends the simple question of "Can you actually find love living in a big city like NYC or Los Angeles?"  Here are the assortment of answers they provided:

Let love find YOU…

Should I have read this in Carrie Bradshaw’s voice?

Honestly? I don’t think so it’s so hard to find, especially in the gay community, someone whose eye doesn’t wander to the next best thing.

The odds are against you and if you do its the equivalent of winning the lottery.

Love is not based on location.

I found love in every major city i have lived in: LA , Sydney and NYC, so in my opinion… YES. 

if people can't find love in NYC or LA…well, I'll just say this… it's not the city…

Yes….I would think it is easier than living in some boondocks or boring suburb

Yes. It’s a matter of hanging on to it.

When did you become Liz Lemon??

What are your thoughts, do you think love can be found better in a big city or smaller town, or are those non-factors?

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