What Makes An Attractive Penis? New Art Project Intends To Break Illusion Of Perfection

What is the best looking penis out there?  I am sure some of your past conquests come to mind.  Many of us may have a top three that get your juices flowing just thinking about them.  When you rank those appendages in your mind, what are the categories you are using?  What are you considering as the the most important, the least important? 

Before we open up to what we like, let's see what a recent MensHealth.com article "Is Your Penis Good Looking?" says on this topic.  Yes, the results are women mentioning their opinions, but it's good to hear what the other side has to say.


As part of the study, the scientists asked female participants to rank which factors they considered most important in an attractive penis. File this under “requests that are only acceptable in a lab setting.”

Turns out women don’t love any particular penis trait. They rated overall genital appearance as the most important factor, followed by pubic hair.  Super precise characteristics like penile length, look of the scrotum, and position and shape of the meatus [or urethral opening] rounded out the least important qualities:  “Women perceive a wide variation of penile appearances as normal or good-looking,” says study author Norma Ruppen-Greeff, M.Sc. 

Nothing mind-blowing, but here’s the nice thing about the results: While you might feel self-conscious about a schlong that comes up short or balls that hang a little low, women don’t focus on any one area when they judge your Johnson—they look at the total package. 

So you just need to freshen up. You always look your best after a haircut, right? Researchers from Indiana University found that 75 percent of women say they would like their guy to trim down below.  Sprucing up your schlong can also make you feel sexier, boosting your confidence both in and out of the sack, the study says. –  MensHealth.com


How does it all rate in the eyes of the ladies?

Do these rankings match how you think about a man's johnson?  Are a female's likes of a penis that different than a man's?

There's a new art project that intends to break the illusion of the perfect dick called "I Dick You."

Designer Brian Frandsen is the man behind ‘I Dick You’, and during the next 6 months he will create 100 keychains shaped as dicks. The models are ordinary men from all over the world, who he now invites to send him their dick pics. 100 leather dicks in half a year. That’s the goal for designer Brian Frandsen, who with his new project ‘I Dick You’ aims at breaking the illusion of the perfect dick while celebrating diversity.

“We’re living in a time, in which physical perfection is the scale to which everyone measures themselves, including the shape and size of their penises. The dick is rarely shown in public spaces, and because of this porn easily becomes the reference point for young men when evaluating their dicks. I wish to confront this tendency and address this [taboo] by creating beautiful leather dicks in all sizes, colors and shapes. It’s a way of disrupting the idea of the perfect dick and confronting the shame many men feel about their dicks.” Brian Frandsen says.

Collecting dick pics on the website dick.brianfrandsen.com , men from all over the world are invited to upload their own dick pics. Based on the pictures Brian Frandsen will create key chains of high quality leather that can be shown off with pride in your bundle of keys, hanging on your bag or wherever you would wish to show it off.

My biggest hope is that I’ll receive pictures of wide variety of dicks and that completely ordinary men will step out of their comfort zone and take part of celebrating diversity – including the diversity below our belts” Brian Frandsen says. For the girlfriend or boyfriend who has everything, the aim is to collect enough pictures to create 100 different leather dicks in half a year. When the goal is reached all the dicks will be shown together as a tribute to the dick.

During the project Brian Frandsen is selling all the different key chains from his webshop, where you can find both real size and pocket size editions. “You are completely anonymous when uploaded your dick pic, but you can name your dick so that you will be able to find and buy it on the website afterwards – perhaps as Christmas gift for a loved one who has everything or maybe even just for yourself” Brian Frandsen says. Furthermore there will be an extended range of dick-products to choose from, including clutches and other items in which the dick is an integrated part of the design.



So what makes an attractive penis?  

Have you been thinking about that as you read how the women ranked their top categories? 

Were you thinking about sending your pic in to dick.brianfrandsen.com?

Or when you were remembering the most attractive penis of your past or present, did you think of the top one being the one attached to the best guy you ever met? 

Penis looks are great, but are they more important than the man it is attached to?


h/t: MensHealth.com

Website: http://dick.brianfrandsen.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/idickyou/  

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