What Music Video Helped You Discover Your True Sexuality?

Media can sometimes play an influence in helping you figure out your true sexuality, especially during those pivotal "growing up" years as we tend to rely on what we see in order to figure out which avenue we will go down.

One of those forms of media that plays a key part in navigating our own personal world of sexuality is the music video, something that is dwindling each and every year in today's society.  Back in the 80's, 90's, and early to mid 2000's, the music video was a big part of our lives, as it gave us a glimpse into the creative mind of our favorite artists, groups and bands.  It also played a key notion in helping us figure out who we liked based on a myriad of things.

Was it a singers hot body that got us all hot and bothered?  Was it the unbelievable fabulousness?  What exactly did this particular video do for you that helped you on your path to being a member of the LGBTQ community?

We polled some of our readers and asked which one helped them more than anything, and their answers were diverse in terms of factors such as looks, dance, feel, rhythm and so much more.

What music video helped shape your path to figuring out your true sexuality?

Madonna- "Erotica"



LL Cool J- "Doin It"



Backstreet Boys- "Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)"



Britney Spears- "Stronger"



Depeche Mode- "Master and Servant" 



Bananarama- "Venus"



Lady Gaga- "Born This Way"



Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch: "Good Vibrations"



George Michael- "Faith"



Chris Isaak- "Wicked Game"



What do you think?