What really happens when you get a tattoo.

I've contemplated getting a tattoo ever since I knew what they were.  I admit, I do love looking at them, but I just need to get over the fear of getting one done.  Needles and blood and me do not mix well.  I have friends that are addicted to getting tattoos, contemplating which appendage would be next, while other friends have the secret ones hidden away on their bodies. 

I feel our gay culture embraces being tattooed.  Theme nights are sometimes held to celebrate being tattooed or "Inked" (click here for news on one of my favorite annual events).  I still go to them, but feel a little inadequate with my unmarked skin.

SmarterEveryDay just released slow motion footage of what occurs when a tattooist does the deed.  Sorry boys, there are no exposed bums or hot chest pics or overly gay anything, but it's educational , its my blog, and I found it interesting.

I've watched it a couple of times so far and I am still not sure if it has increased or decreased my drive to get inked.  Using descriptions like "the ink’s held between the multiple points, and when they puncture the skin, it drags the ink down into the dermis," really did not calm me at all.



What was evident from the video, and reiterated by the SmartEveryDay videographer, was that "one major thing I learned is that common stereotypes of Tattoo artists are often wrong. I found them to be nice, professional people who take health and hygiene very seriously." 




Are any of you addicted to getting tattoos or on the fence like me?  Did this video help or deter?



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  1. I have 8. One underneath my
    I have 8. One underneath my collar bone, one on each shoulder, one behind each ear, one on the back of my neck, one on my wrist and one on my chest. I love getting tattooed, and sometimes I do wish it didn’t hurt as bad, but you don’t get something tattooed that you don’t plan on keeping forever. That’s why every tattoo on my body has a meaning, something that has touched me enough to make the memory visible forever. I can’t wait to get my next one, and the one after, and so forth and so forth until I run out of memories

  2. I have both arm (half sleves)

    I have both arm (half sleves) and my back and really looking fowards to get my back done, is not as painfull as it seems, it hurts though 

  3. My grandfather had a tattoo

    My grandfather had a tattoo from the world war and later had a high ranking job that made him keep it covered. He taught me to never let someone "mark" you for life like that. I never did. Although they can be attractive- there comes a day when that tattoo just isn't cool anymore. You never know what lies in the future. But you're stuck with that tattoo for life. 

    • Sort of the same story here.

      Sort of the same story here. My dad got one on his forearm in the service. Until the day he died (so for almost 50 years), he wore long-sleeved shirts rolled up just once to cover it. Even in 105-degree heat. It made me wary of ever getting one. I'm 42 now and still ink-free. I can't think of anything I KNOW I'd want on my body forever. Not a judgment, just a choice.

      I find some ink incredibly attractive, especially if it has meaning to its wearer.


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