What Stars Had The Best Packages During The 80’s and 90’s?

Chase Hunter (Credit: Falcon Studios)

The 80’s and 90’s produced so many hot guys in the world of gay porn that it seems like a blur all this time later.

Some of them, however, still stick out in our minds for one reason or another twenty to thirty years after they made their big debuts. 

One of those reasons happens to be the impressive packages that were on display in all of the movies they produced during their illustrious careers.

Str8UpGayPorn compiled a list during the month of, and I quote, “C**ktober”, that ranked Falcon Studios 10 best c**ks of the 80’s and 90’s on Friday, October 4.

Falcon Studios was and still is one of the biggest gay porn studios to have ever existed, winning tons of awards for their materials and boosting the careers of many (all of whom are in this group). 

Take a look at the men that made this very impressive list.

Tom Chase



Jack Simmons

Photo: Titan Media

Chase Hunter

Photo: Falcon Studios

Johnny Hanson

Photo: Advocate


Colby Taylor


Dick Masters

Photo: Falcon Studios


Carl Erik

Photo: Falcon Studios


Eric Hanson


Chad Douglas

Mike Branson




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