What The Legendary Designer Thinks Of J.Lo And Ben’s Wedding And Style

I mean, he’s certainly not the only one that was thinking it. But to actually say it out loud? Nonetheless I’m glad that he did, because it’s always entertaining to see legendary fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi throwing shade. The Brooklyn born Mizrahi (60) shared his thoughts on Jennifer Lopez’s rekindling with Ben Affleck, their new marriage and what he thinks of her style. But he may want to go easy on her, after all J.Lo is from the Bronx and you know they don’t play.

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Mizrahi recently appeared on the Behind the Velvet Rope podcast where he displayed his trademark witty sense of humor. But when asked about J.Lo, the humor dissipated and the shade appeared.


“What is she thinking? Is she crazy? Why did she do that? Why did Jennifer Lopez do that?…

I know they were together… but why did they get married? Are they stupid?”

-Isaac Mizrahi on Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s marriage

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David Yontef, the host of BTVR podcast, wanted Mizrahi’s take on pop culture hot topics. When he asked about ‘Bennifer’ and their recent nuptials — Isaac had a conniption. But first, he had to get off of his chest just how scrumptious he thinks Ben is.

Leaning into the camera and clutching his imaginary pearls (although I’m certain he owns quite a few fancy pearl necklaces), Isaac lit up with glee to profess his love for Ben Affleck:

“I don’t care what you say, to me he is just the sexiest fucking thing in the world, Ben Affleck…

Darling he can get this in any number of ways. Ben Affleck call me, ok.”

-Mizrahi on Ben Affleck

While I Personally don’t think he’s the sexiest fucking thing in the world, Affleck does exude big dick energy. We did get a glimpse of it in Gone Girl, so that’s confirmed. And his role in The Town is also probably the sexiest we’ve ever seen him. Okay, maybe he is really fucking sexy. But after praising the Oscar winner, Mizrahi immediately began to rip Jenny from the block a new one.


He told Yontef that he doesn’t think they’ll be married forever and he thinks Lopez is “so messy.” Did she piss him off recently and we don’t know about it? Because Mizrahi then moved onto critiquing her style. He thinks her personal style is “bar mitzvah mom” meets “pageant queen.”





“The other thing… who’s dressing J.Lo these days? Who is dressing this woman these days?”

-Mizrahi on Lopez’s style

Now, I don’t think Mizrahi meant it to be intentionally cruel but you know the gays, we can be gossipy and “so messy.” But the (very married) Isaac did say that when they divorce, he wants “first dibs” on Ben Affleck. Take a look at the shady clip below.


Do you agree with Isaac Mizrahi’s take on ‘Bennifer’?

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Source: Behind the Velvet Rope

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