What Was This Year’s Holiday Song From #thelipsyncingtruckdriver‬ ?

I have several friends that for some reason are addicted to lip syncing while driving and recording their performances.  But what to my surprise, there are others out there that enjoy doing the same thing.

We're all fortunate that this hunky truck driver likes to do the same thing.

He released his Christmas lip sync at the end of November.  It's a song I never heard before.  Do you know it?



Always remember to never take yourself too seriously. Happy Monday Everyone!! #thelipsyncingtruckdriver

Posted by Michael Smith on Monday, November 30, 2015


  No?  Well you must know last year's song! 



Ok, even I'm laughing at how silly this is. Lol!!Happy Monday!!#thelipsyncingtruckdriver

Posted by Michael Smith on Monday, December 8, 2014

My vote is for last year's video, but both were very entertaining.

I guess we all do something different to pass the time on those long rides. 

Thanks Michael Smith (a.k.a. #‎thelipsyncingtruckdriver‬) for your videos.  If you want to see more of Michael, I mean see more of his videos, check out #‎thelipsyncingtruckdriver‬ or go to his Facebook page here.

5 thoughts on “What Was This Year’s Holiday Song From #thelipsyncingtruckdriver‬ ?”

  1. Mike is a true gentleman with

    Mike is a true gentleman with a talent that needs to be shared. Good to see people notice. Merry Christmas to u n Patrick. My son loves watching his videos. 


  2. I love him alot…I’m lucky

    I love him alot…I'm lucky he's my nephew and my godson…and I get to see and hear the real thing.

    Luv ya Mike!

    Uncle Ed


  3. I love Michael Smith !!!!

    I love Michael Smith !!!! When i'm down, or upset ,all I have to do is watch one of his video !!! He makes me HAPPY !!!!


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