What We Eat May Be Turning Us Gay. Study Says This Food Leads To Being LGBT.

It's always thought provoking to read odd theories about why we are gay.  I am under the belief that there is no one single reason that covers all of us.  Theories from the past also point toward many factors that could lead to boy meets boy and girl meets girl and so on.  A new study by Rita Strakosha opens up by sharing with us some of those old beliefs.


In his book “Psychopathia sexualis” (1894), based on his observations, Von Crafft-Ebing believed that homosexuality occurs when one masturbates early in life …

Sigmund Freud held that humans during childhood pass through a developmental phase where bisexuality is the norm. They outgrow this phase and become heterosexual. He considered homosexuality to be the result of an arrest in development or a regress to an earlier phase of development …

Genetic studies show that genes contribute to sexual orientation [8]. The neurohormonal theory proposes that a prenatal androgen hormonal environment similar to that of the opposite sex, predisposes to homosexuality …

The kin selection hypothesis proposes that genes predisposing to homosexuality remain in the gene pool because they confer some evolutionary advantage to the kin of homosexuals …


Some interesting thoughts.  But what is the belief that Rita Strakosha wants to prove? Her research report is titled Modern diet and stress cause homosexuality: a hypothesis and a potential therapy.  Should we hear her out or is this total bunk?


Western diet is typically made of high-sugar, high-fat food. Consumption of sugar doubled in the United States and the United Kingdom between 1900 and 1967. [47] Obesity rates also increased in the 20th century. [48]

Homosexuals have more eating disorders than heterosexuals [49] [50], which usually involve eating large amounts of high glycemic index foods and fat, or eating an imbalanced diet, leaning toward carbohydrates. Some studies show an increased rate of obesity among homosexuals. [51]. Gay men, lesbian and bisexual women report a higher odds of sugar-sweetened beverage consumption than straight men and women. [52]

Access to a high calorie diet and alcoholic drinks was limited to the social elite circles in the past. Homosexuality as well appears to have been more frequent among that group.

In the ancient Greece, homosexuality was widespread. According to Robert Flaceliere, “It appears extremely likely that homosexuality of any kind was confined to prosperous and aristocratic levels of ancient society. The masses of peasants and artisans were probably scarcely affected by habits of this kind.” [53]


We're not sure where Rita is going with her study, but oh wait, se desires to help those that are LGBT because of their diet by offering them "therapy."  Oh yeah.  Therapy. Toward the end of her study, she offers help to the stressed out, fast food fed gays with:

9      A potential new therapy to change sexual partner preference

9.1   Healthy diet and other behavioral measures

9.2   Inducing hibernation in sexuality

9.3   Discontinuation of hibernation


So there you have it.  According to the study above, poor sleeping habits paired with the cooking of Grimace and Ronald made us gay.  I'd put my vote behind our years of Bert and Ernie before any of that.  Sorry Rita.

What are your thoughts?

h/t: Modern diet and stress cause homosexuality: a hypothesis and a potential therapy

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