‘What Would You Do’ Tackles Transphobia!

'What Would You Do' Tackles Transphobia!

The Kindness Of Strangers Will Melt Your Heart

ABC's smash series, What Would You Do, has been making us emotional for years. If you're unfamiliar with the show, let me school you on the premise.

Unsuspecting strangers are put into insensitive, staged situations while being filmed on hidden cameras. The television show has pulled at our heart strings over topics dealing with racism, homophobia, and disabled persons.

In one of their latest acts, the series is tackling transphobia.

The set up is to have one actress posing as a sales associate in a retail store. She's refusing to sell a dress to a transgender woman while viciously insulting her.

The social experiment can warm even the coldest heart. While some of the unsuspecting strangers show support towards the transgender woman in peril; the last stranger will have you bawling your eyes out.

With paranoia running wild in the media, seeing the compassion of said strangers has made my day.

Check out the tear jerking video below:


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