What Your Drink Order At A Gay Bar Says About You

Photo by Chris F from Pexels

Are you one to order the same thing over and over at the bar when you go out? 

Or do you like variety?


When it comes time to order and you cannot decide, what is your go to, your sandy by drink?

Well, get all those drinks fresh in your mind and be ready to be judged by someone who has seen it all.  

Mike Mulderrig has this to say about himself in the “About” section of his YouTube channel.

The self proclaimed big brother of the internet, hoping to help teach and inspire his viewers through unrivaled honesty and relatable content. Mike hopes to give a voice to those who feel silenced, and speaks on hard topics such as growing up as part of the LGBTQ+ Community. MikeMGTV is a safe space on the internet for anyone looking to engage, laugh, and receive unrivaled advice that may not be available otherwise.


I haven’t seen anywhere where Mike states where he has worked before in the past, but after watching his videos, it is clear he’s seen us all out and about at the bars. And working in a gay bar, he has dealt with us all when we’ve been happy, sad, banal, excited, horny, and everywhere else on the rainbow of gay emotions.  But don’t worry, he also adds in come commentary about lesbians and straight women and what they drink.

Cosmo? Gin? Wiskey Sour? Manhattan? IPA? Mike hit on just about every kind of drink out there.  Have fun watching the video below.  Once he gets a little juice flowing into himself, he starts to get on a roll.  So think of that list of your favorite libations and see if Mike gets you right.

I didn’t hear tequila on the rocks, but maybe we’ll reach out to him and ask what that might mean. 


Thanks for the fun Mike.  maybe when things get back to normal, we can buy you a drink and have a laugh in person.


Welcome to my virtual bar where nothing is off-limits, and unfiltered thoughts are vomited all over the floor. We’ll joke around and laugh during twisted BAR TALK conversations, personally respond to you all by commenting on your comments in epic SHOTS FIRED moments, get over emotional and have a good old fashioned HEART TO HEART, review things in pop culture that make us got WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS, and drink too much while trying to do things we shouldn’t be doing called DRUNKTIVITIES. It’s the biggest waste of time you’ll never regret!

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