Whatcha Watchin To Get Off? Pornhub Drops Their Stats And Exposes Us All.

Images and infographics all from Pornhub.com

Pornhub is the 45th most trafficked site on the web (according to Alexa rankings). With Pornhub’s Year In Review, we get to see what we are all watching. Do you think the results will surprise you? 

What is very shocking is how much we are watching porn.  I mean, this is just one of the many porn sites out there and the statistics for what is done during every single minute on that site makes us feel a little raw. 


How are we going to keep up with 14 new videos uploaded every minute!?!  That’s a new 2.8 hours every minute. The math is not in our favor. 

Every minute, on average, Pornhub has 80,032 visits from people who conduct 77,861 searches and view 219,985 videos. That’s 11,082 hours of video watched per minute, transferring 12,550 gigabytes of data. These numbers may seem paltry compared with the number of videos viewed per minute on YouTube (4.5 million) or searches conducted on Google per minute (3.8 million), but they’re staggering when you consider they’re all for one site. – pcmag.com


Another surprise in the stats above is that there are people stopping their viewing pleasure to rate videos, follow other users, make comments on videos, and even send messages.  Pornhub is not just a vault of vids, but it is also becoming a social media site of its own.  


How Long Do You Last?

When you log into Pornhub, or Phub as it is referred to in emails, as to not use the dirty word “porn”, how long do you plan on being there? It may depend on how long junior needs to gain girth and interest and then release.  Let’s see those stats.
Pornhub has more American visitors than any other country.  The US average visit is only 10 minutes 36 seconds.  Who lasts longer? Thailand visitors spend 11 minutes 21 seconds per visit while the average for all global users is 10 minutes 28 seconds. America is 8 seconds longer than the average.  Put that on your Grindr profile.  The total average for 2019 is a quarter of a minute (15 seconds) longer than the 2018 stat. If we were considering men vs women, the ladies last roughly 23 seconds longer.
When Are We Watching?
Do you fire up the ol’ hub during your lunch break?  When you climb into bed?  When Scruff fails to provide a good live option? It seems 10 PM to 1 AM are the main hours to hop on and go to pleasure town. 

Gay Pornhub

What type of gay (male) porn did we get off to in 2019?


Searches for ‘Korean’ remained the most popular, followed by ‘Japanese’, ‘black’, ‘daddy’ and ‘straight’. Searches for ‘hentai’ gained 5 positions, moving this genre into the top 10 gay searches for the first time.

Searches that saw significant growth among gay men included ‘transgender’ which grew by 121%, ‘femboy’ by 99%, ‘furry’ by 71% and ‘dominant’ by 58%. – – Pornhub.com

Did your favorite search term make the top 15? It is surprising that the top 8 terms did not change at all. 


For the 2019 categories, it looks like we are all still jonesin’ after the ‘Straight Guys’. Our interest grew in the ‘Daddy’ category as well as ‘Bareback’.  Did we lose interest in ‘Black’ as that was the second largest viewed category last year.  What else moved categories?

‘Big Dick’ stays as solid as ever, while ‘Twink’ moved up one position to replace ‘Rough Sex’. – Pornhub.com

Did your favorite male porn star make the cut? 

In 2019, Zilv Gudel (NSFW) raced to the top of gay pornstar searches, with a significant lead over last year’s favorite William Seed (NSFW). Austin Wolf (NSFW) and Joey Mills (NSFW) also saw increased popularity over the previous year.



Will this make you look at your searches a little differently? 

Will you start using the site more like a social media site more than a get on and get off destination?

Will you change up your searches to match the more popular ones of 2019?


We will leave you with some fun infographics from Pornhub.com



Source:  – Pornhub.com

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  1. Pornhub is one in a growing number of sites I no longer go to. There are better sites out there with a lot better content; i.e. more full scene videos, for one.
    Graphs and graphics mean nothing to me in terms of what I view or when I view it.


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