What’s It Like To Play A Serial Killer In An Opera? Zachary Gordin Tells Us And Show Us.

We love getting messages and mail from our readers. One such reader wanted to share with us the transformation one of his clients, Zachary Gordin, goes through to perform in the opera "Dead Man Walking." 

Zach's recent transformation into character for a production of "Dead Man Walking." He had to be air-brushed from head to toe with tattoos! Zach has been featured a number of times on the website Barihunks, which is a fan site dedicated to very fit and artistically sound baritones in the world of opera.

No, he does not play Susan Sarandon's character, but instead convicted killer Joseph De Rocher. 

In a recent interview with BARIHUNKS, we learn more about the performer and we get to see a lot more of him, too.

On April 23, Zachary Gordin reprised his successful performance of convicted killer Joseph De Rocher at the Shreveport Opera, which he performed the previous year at the Dayton Opera. We caught him to ask him about performing the role and got him to agree to share some amazingly hot pictures of him getting tattoed for the performance. He's not only got a killer body and amazing voice, but he proves himself to be smart, insightful and thoughtful, as well. – BARIHUNKS.blogspot.com

In the interview, Zachary answers the following questions:

1. What does it mean for this to be performed in the state where the alleged crime actually happened? 

2. What does this role mean to you and how has it changed for you with subsequent performances? 

3. What is the core message of this opera for you. 

4. Did you have a chance to meet the real Sister Prejean? How do you play off of that character when performing?

5. What aspects of your own personality come out in your portrayal of Joseph de Rocher?

Head on over to BARIHUNKS.blogspot.com for the answers to the above questions, but one I wanted to share with you was …

6. Do you like sporting tattoos? Do you find them sexy on others? 

ZG: I don’t have any of my own, but these experiences with Joe have made me curious… It was fun being covered in “ink” (apart from their meaning) and getting reactions to it, but then being able to remove it with a team of two people and a pile of alcohol swabs (that was cold!). I think tattoos are hot on the right people… I wouldn’t say it’s a fetish, but they definitely catch my eye and draw me in. If I do go ahead and get some, I’ll be sure to have BARIHUNKS post the pics! 😉 BARIHUNKS.blogspot.com


Some great shots of Zachary in action.  And since I am in the sharing mood, here are the selfies we were sent along to show what Zachary looks like with all his fake ink. 




We thought it would be nice to highlight two his videos, one showing his singing talent and the other showing us how talented he must be in the gym. 

The first video is not the most recent, but it is the best one I think for sound quality that I found on his page.



This other video is of the BARIHUNKS Charity Calendar photo shoot with Opera Singer Zachary Gordin, and Celebrity Photographer Bradford Rogne.



For more visuals and his singing, check out Zachary Gordin's youtube page here.

Now I just need to find directions and tickets to the Shreveport Opera in Louisiana.

H/t:  BARIHUNKS.blogspot.com, Zachary Gordin, and Bryan Buttler

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