What’s So Wrong With A Gay Couple In An Underwear Ad? Apparently, A Lot.

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What’s so wrong with a gay couple in an underwear ad? Apparently, a lot.

Australian underwear brand Bonds is in the midst of controversy after it featured a gay couple kissing and holding hands. The controversy started when Bonds posted an Instagram photo of real-life gay couple and models Steve and Nick kissing while holding cereal and wearing underwear.


The photo depicting a sweet morning between lovers is then captioned with the line, “It’s the little moments that make the Christmas season so special.” Then hashtags such as #BondsMakeTheSeason #BondedBy and #BondsXmas were added.

While many followers supported the ad for its image of same-sex love, many others saw it as offensive. According to Gay Times, the Instagram page has now been swarmed with homophobic responses to the depictions of same-sex love.


“It’s an inappropriate picture, doesn’t matter what sexuality the people are kissing it would still be inappropriate if it was a man kissing a woman like that. [They’re] advertising undies not sex,” wrote one commenter.

A second commenter shared that argument, “If it was a man and woman making out it would be flagged inappropriate and too much, but the double standard of it being deemed appropriate because they’re gay… it’s too much.”

“Firstly it’s CHRISTmas not Xmas,” added another. “Secondly I am all about love but this is a day when the lord saviour was born. Remember that.”

(As a quick side response to the thinly veiled homophobic comment, remember that historians believe Jesus was actually born during the summer. It’s genuinely believed that the date was then moved on top of a pagan holiday as an act to convert new followers).


In response to the controversy, General manager of HANES Apparel, Emily Small, told news.com.au that the Bonds Christmas campaign is “celebrating the bonds that make the season and those are different for every individual”.

She then added, “We are a brand that celebrate all Australians, and we wish the couple featured in our social post along with everyone else an equally special and enjoyable festive season.”


Then a spokesperson for Australia’s Advertising Standards said that the censorship bureau had received five complaints about the campaign, which “are currently being assessed”.

But with all these complaints about the gay picture, we can’t help but wonder why similar campaigns with straight couples don’t get the same response.




We wonder why?

Source: Gay Times

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  1. Many Pagan Sabbats have been stolen by Christians. Yes, Christmas as we know it is based on the Yule Sabbat, which takes place during the Winter Solstice; Easter is based on Ostara; All Saints Day is based on Samhain, when we honor our ancestors, just as Latinos honor the Day of the Dead.

    Pagans do not worship the devil, make blood sacrifices or any of those rumors that people spread. We honor the mother and the elements: earth, wind, fire, air and spirit. After all, were it not for the mother, none of us would be here.

    I don’t get how it’s alarming to show two gay men kissing in their underwear, but evidently it’s okay to have a topless woman with her back to the camera. This is 2019. The century is already almost 20 years old. Come to the planet earth and live among the realistic, not inside some outmoded fantasy!


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