What’s The Deal with Taylor Swift’s New Song Sounding Like “I’m Too Sexy”?

So, there's all this buzz around Taylor Swift's new song "Look What You Made Me Do", which is already number one on iTunes and the video for it was teased on Good Morning America yesterday. This is the first single from her new album "Reputation", which is set to be in stores on November 10th.  

The reaction for the song has been met with mixed results, especially from what I saw on my Facebook page with my fellow gay brethren, however, there was something weird when I kept listening to it.  There was a familiarity in the beat and how she was singing some of the words, most notably the title of it.  I kept singing it over and over again, knowing it came from somewhere else.  Little did I realize that the song that she was "interpolating" was a hit when she was only two years old.

The song in reference is the iconic classic (and major gay anthem) "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred, which was a huge single back in 1991 and featured the twosome shirtless and being, well… sexy throughout.  But, all is good in the world of Taylor and RSF (I never ever thought these two would work on anything together, nor did the rest of the world), who the latter gave her their blessing to use the song as an "interpolation" of it.

It was firmed up about a week or two ago, but we were told to be bloody quiet about it because they wanted to make sure there was no leakage in the meantime," Frontman Richard Fairbrass told NME. 

Richard also mentioned how her and the entire team have been wonderful to them during this process.  "She and all the people that work with her have been incredibly friendly. I’ve got a huge bunch of flowers here from them in the house. It’s been a rewarding experience, and very flattering."

We aren't sure who the song really is about (people speculate Kim & Kanye, but with Taylor, it could be a ton of people), but rest assure Swifties, your Tay Tay is back and will be once again dominating the fall season into 2018.

What are your thoughts of her new single? 

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