When A Bravo Fan Needed Support The Most, The Stars Of Bravo Reached Out & Gave Back

Real Housewives tend to make their battles with each other over vacation bedrooms and dinner party invitation slights a top priority, but as the season of giving and goodwill to men approached, Real Housewives from many cities (as well as a cavalcade of other “Bravo-lebrities”) all came together and gave back to one very special Bravo fan. 

It all began quite simply; the Bravo Junkies Facebook fan group boasts over 31,000 members, and while they spend a great deal of time dishing the merits of Captain Sandy vs. Captain Lee, they all came together for fellow member Kathryn Wright, who is facing her own monumental challenge. She has stage 4 ovarian cancer and her goal is quite simple; to experience Christmas. “I just realized its December first,” she wrote in a recent blog post. “I really want to make it to Christmas.” She also wants to watch her nephews open their gifts. And, “watch my cats go crazy over a Christmas tree. That’s my goal.”

Friends from the Bravo Junkies page started reaching out to some of Kathryn’s favorite Bravolebrities to offer messages of support and encouragement, and messages started rolling in. Captain Lee Rosbach from Below Deck sent a ten minute long, some times emotion-filled message to Wright, and also reached out to her privately. 

Messages started coming in fast and furious; Frank Catania from The Real Housewives of New Jersey sent some love, and Colin Macy-O’Toole from Below Deck Med wrote one of his famed raps for Kathryn. Andy Cohen himself even sent a video for Kathryn, indicating that he has been “inundated with comments about how wonderful you are, and what an amazing person you are, and I just wanted you to know, I’m sending you so much love,” He said, speaking directly to the camera and to Wright- “And you are very loved”.

Ben Mandelker and Ronnie Karam from the Watch What Crappens podcast even took a moment from one of their packed live shows and gave Kathryn some love, bringing their entire audience into the act, sending one of Bravo’s biggest fans a monumental amount of love at once, exactly when she needed it the most. 

Once Bravo TV got wind of Kathryn’s plight though, everything changed. The were able to coordinate with an all star cast of Bravolebrities who reached out to Kathryn with their own messages of love and support to this devoted fan. Everyone from cast members from The Real Housewives of New Jersey, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Million Dollar Listing New York, The Real Housewives of Dallas, The Real Housewives of Potomac, Married To Medicine and Below Deck all sent messages directly to Kathryn filled with love, support and encouragement as she fight the biggest battle of her life. 

To follow Kathryn’s journey (and to send your own words of love and encouragement) check out her blog here

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