When BBQ Leaves A Bad Taste In Your Mouth. Was T-Shirt Hateful? Insensitive?

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Is this a case of Freedom of Speech? 

A northern Kentucky barbecue food truck has decided to use a play on LGBTQ to advertise its business on T-shirts and on social media.

The owners of Belle’s Smoking BBQ did a little “creative?” writing using the LGBTQ acronym as a base, changing the letters to stand for Liberty, Guns, Bible, Trump, and BBQ.  We’re thinking that would be LGBTB, but literacy is not everyone’s strong point. 

Is the shirt and message insensitive? hateful?

Jamie Smith, owner of this food truck says he started selling the T-shirts nearly two years ago, but now it is getting more attention. It has gained more attention now since he decided to advertise it on Facebook on Thursday to get more sales. 

“We are going to stock up on some Swag. Hat and shirts. Let me know what yall want via text message. We are going to have our traditional Belles shirts, trucker hats. We will also have our LGBTQ shirts as well Belle’s logo on the back. For those who said (wtf)” – Facebook post

Previous sales were just 100, but since have increased. He has sold out all of his shirts and has a back order for more.

Smith later took down the post, replacing it with:

“We apologize if we have offended any groups of people, organizations or individuals with our shirts. We respect all beliefs and lifestyles and want no ill will towards anyone.”

Here’s Fox19.com coverage of the issue with Belle’s supporters and haters speaking up.

“At the end of the day we have to stand for what we believe in and like I said if I offended anyone that wasn’t our intention but it was just a play on words,” he said.

Below is a full statement on the matter from Smith:

Image from Fox19.com video coverage

So is this freedom of speech? Is it someone not respecting others?  Is it LGBTQ people being too sensitive?  Is an issue that is getting more attention because Trump is involved?

What are your thoughts?

Source: Fox19.com

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