When It Comes To Dating Profiles, How Honest Are You? Have You Ever Read Your Friends’ Dating Profiles?

 When it comes to dating profiles on just about every app out there, reading them is a huge let down.  Besides the one that as a picture of a nipple or the one that's a skin crease which you don't know if it is an ass crack, elbow, or the back of a knee, the average word count that accompanies the poor attempt a selfie is a negative 7.  It literally drains the words out of your own brain when you see that a guy took the time to pic the best vague pic out there and pair it with zero words. 

Then there are the dating sites.  One that I try to get through, plentyoffish.com seems to offer a little more hope for those that are looking for dates. But that doesn't mean you need to have your supportive aunt write it for you making it all about flowers, and beaches, and cuddling up with a book on a rainy afternoon. Okay, those can be good things, but life isn't books, beaches, and blankets.

Can there be a happy medium?  YES! I think. Maybe?

One thing I find a little uncomfortable sometimes is running across my friends' profiles on the hook-up apps and dating sites. I dunno.  I'm just weird like that.  Some of them are just not how I see them.

What advice would you give your friends about their profiles?

Zach Noe Towers recently posted this hilarious semi-NSFW video on his Facebook page that might sum this all up.

Zeke and Rhyland discuss their biggest turn ons…cuz these are fictional characters and definitely not just slightly altered versions of Travis Coles and me



We like "apricots" too. I'm surprised he didn't say eggplant.

Is your profile all apricots or the other?

Do you have a happy medium?

And as for one of our turn-ons? Let's go back to the beginning of the above clip.


We're going to keep an eye on and follow Zach Noe Towers. Here's another one of his more recent clips.

Travis Coles and I are attempting to find comedy in recovery! What do YOU think about La Croix??



And I was pronouncing it the "Ab Fab" way.


h/t: Zach Noe Towers

What do you think?