When It Comes To Male Dancers, Let’s Not Hurt The Entertainment

As I begin to plans to go out into Wilton Manors, Florida tonight, I took a glance at my wallet and noticed a plethora of dolla dolla bills y'all. Save these for tipping the bartenders? Or do I get to place these strategically into the undies of the many men dancing in their skimpiest and tightest most reveali … okay,  I'll calm down. But to be honest, there are may places in this town where one can see bulges bouncing all around.


There are some I enjoy more than others, but we all have different tastes.  There's LeBoy over on 13th, Boardwalk on Andrews, and now there's a new venue in town, Johnsons on Wilton Drive.  Both Hunters and Alibi (two different bars in the centrally located shopping plaza on The Drive) have beautiful men dancing nightly (or at least Thurs-Sat when I am out).

If you're going to be tipping, groping, or getting a lap dance, please remember these are humans that are doing this for your enjoyment. I've always been respectful where ever my fingers land, but some men sometimes get carried away.  We flash back to an incident earlier this year when one Chicago man became a little too-hands-on with one dancer.


Chicago Police arrested a 52-year old man for violently tearing off a male stripper’s penis ring while he danced on a poll at a night club show.

The event featured 30 pole dancers that were performing a live tribute to bands such as Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, and Korn, according to a promotional flyer.

The victim,  Mr. Bobby Spear stated that Alexander McCort, 52, reached up onto the stage during his performance and violently yanked on a ball that was dangling from his manhood. McCort’s aggressive behavior “tore” the chain out of Spear, according to District 19 police, who pointed out that the attachment was not visible as it was under the victim’s costume. – gaypopbuzz.com

A rip and tear of the dancer's manhood? That's going to hurt as well as hurt future business.  What is a man to do but create a Go Fund Me Page. The incident happened at Reggies’s; a well-known Chicago bar and concert venue located in the city’s South Loop area back on March 25th of this year, the Go Fund Me page created in April, and McCort was charged with reckless conduct in May. The page over the last 6 months has not been doing too well, as you can see, raising just over $1,500.

Mr. Spear has been told that restorative surgery will involve “high risk” and a there is a low chance of success, per the funding request.

So, that dollar bill that is burning a hole in your pocket and wants to find a place in a nice sticky sweaty home, make sure you are not causing more damage than pleasure.

h/t: gaypopbuzz.com


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