When Naked Bungee Jumping Wasn’t Enough, This Russian Took It Further

Photo by Jeffrey Grospe on Unsplash

This is when we remember that sometimes staying indoors for a year has been a good thing.

Naked Bungee jumping is a fine thing to do and this guy had no problem doing it. Although, I wonder, did he just let it all hang out for all to see, and then cover himself when he got in the boat.  We’ve all heard about the man in the boat, but this is a little different. If people can do it, there will be people to do it naked, like this guy in 2008. Then again in  2008, Facebook was just 4 years old, so this video could have been from many moons before, I mean, look at that stache!


Then there is Oh Canada!  Apparently in Nanaimo, Canada , naked bungee jumping is a very popular thing. Ok now I love Victoria Island even more!

In May 2018 on an episode of The Project, comedian Tommy Little took to the air sans clothing as a charity act to support his co-host Carrie Brckmore who was fighting cancer at the time. The charity fundraising was fine by us as we see Little stripped down to beanie hat and bungee harness.  The charity receiving the money raised was Beanies 4 Breast Cancer. 

Now for the video that got me thinking about this most recent outdoor bare it all activity …


I am all for you having your own fetishes and practices as long as every is a consenting adult and no one is hurt by themselves or others. I am sure all safety precautions are taken when someone bungee jumps, when they bungee jump naked, or if they bungee jump from an rooftop

A Russian man pulled off a rather inexplicable stunt while doing bungee jumping in Russia – he had the cord attached to the piercings on his bum. The half-naked man can be seen jumping off a bridge with chords attached to his piercings. 

The jump occurred in St Petersburg, Russia and has us all in awe, a little jittery, and not wanting to sit for a while. The video shows the stull unidentified man jumping from what appears to be an old warehouse. Tetanus anyone?
Watch if you want, but yeowsahs.  Just listen to him scream, but I think I’d scream no matter what that was tied to, clipped to, or duct taped to. 

Besides the normal adult pleasure, what has been the most interesting thing you have done naked?

Source:  Indiatimes.com

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