When Pleasuring His Package Doesn’t Result In A Happy Ending

Never a dull moment in Fort Lauderdale. 

Now, we’ve all probably done this or have had this done to you. Road head is not an art but it can be and should be exciting for both parties. What participants have to remember is what role they are playing. One has one job, the b-job, and the other person has the other job, sit there, enjoy it, and drive. 

If people don’t remember their roles, well, problems occur like they did yesterday in Fort Lauderdale.


Two people inside an SUV were discovered naked after a crash between the vehicle and a FedEx truck Thursday evening and it’s what was going on inside that may have caused the collision, according to officials.

And here’s the clincher.  Straight people – this is why we can’t have / do nice things. At the time of the crash, the woman inside the SUV was performing oral sex on the male driver, according to Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue who responded to the scene.

Photo by Fran on Unsplash

And how was the truck? Two people were inside the FedEx truck but their injuries were minor.


The driver of the SUV sustained injuries to his private area due to what was going on at the time of the crash, according to FLFR.

Photo by Jake Nackos on Unsplash

It’s unclear whether anyone will be charged in the crash.

I know people where hurt, but I did have an OMG moment when looking at the Local10News imagery shared below.  Here’s the woman on the curb with her head being attended to and the guy with his pants down in the crosswalk and the delivery drivers just hanging out by the grass shooting the breeze. 


Giving new meaning to “head on collision”.

Source: Local10News

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