When Students Talk About Bullying, Shocker, Not Everyone Listens

And this is why we cannot have nice things.

And this is why we have high instances of LGBTQ suicides.

And this is why not all parents should be considered human beings. 


In Franklin, Massachusetts, a high school student was speaking about bullying during a school committee meeting when she was heckled by a woman in the audience.

It’s great to give students a chance to tell it like it is, tell it from their experiences, the good, and the bad, unfortunately, then they are introduced to the ugly that exists out there. Mackenzie Atwood, a senior at Franklin High School, was speaking about how all students should be respected and protected, no matter who they are, regardless of their gender, gender identity, sexuality and race. And then Karen, Carin, Karyn, or mental sloth #4 stood up and decided to share her supposed thoughts on the topic.


“This has to stop. This is indoctrination” said the conservative cave woman from the audience.

Atwood tried to keep herself composed and said “I am gay. Call me what you want about that, I’m being personally attacked in school about that.” 


Authorities told the “adult” in the audience that she needed to stop or she would be removed.  Not sure why she was not removed instantly as she seems to be part of the problem. School Committee Chair Dr. Anne Bergen was the one to intervene, and said, “This meeting will be conducted respectfully, and there will be no shouting out from the crowd. That is not how we ever, ever, conduct meetings in this building.”

No, we don’t need to wonder where the students get it from. 

See the video of the meeting below. Thanks to all the students that speak up in the face of ignorance. 




Photo by Yan Krukov from Pexels

Source:  NYDailynews.com

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