When, With What, And How Much To Douche. Are We Preparing Too Much?

It's Pride!  Time to have fun!  You've prepared your body, outfit, hair. You're all set.  You look great on the outside, but what about inside?


I often wonder about the people that are out every weekend looking for sex, especially the versatiles and bottoms. They're looking great, on point, ready to pounce.  But how else do they prepare? Do they douche every night they go out?  I mean, they have to be prepared for anything and everything, right?

With the creation of PURE for men, basically Metamucil in a pretty gay package, there may be less douching going on in the gay world.  I've tried the PURE thing, but often forget about it's daily need, probably the same reason I haven't jumped on PrEP wagon yet, too. Even if you use PURE, shouldn't you still wash thoroughly?

In one of our sex toy reviews, What Are The Best Sex Toys For Beginners? Here Are The Ones We Liked, I was fortunate enough to receive a "butt load" of toys to try out.  One of the items I received was an Ultra Douche which I've bought on a couple of trips, just in case I felt the need to be prepared.  I'm not a huge fan of my man cave being infiltrated, but when in Rome, Tel Aviv, San Francisco …

But how often should one prepare the rectal area for intrusion? Vice.com shared its thoughts on this in a recent post Gay Guys: You're Douching Wrong. Here are some of the highlights from the article and the conversations the author had with doctors and friends.



  • Among bottoms, learning the art and science of douching—using an enema, syringe, or hose to flush out the rectal cavity before getting rammed to high heaven—is a sacred rite of passage.
  • What's really the best way to douche? The answer surprised me—according to medical experts, you probably shouldn't be doing it at all.
  • "I usually tell patients to just put a towel down on those fancy sheets and go for it,"
  • "Imagine if you line up ten guys, and you're going to top them all," he said, describing a modest Thursday evening at The Eagle. "Even if they haven't prepared, nine out of ten would be completely stool-free."
  • stool resides in the sigmoid colon, the part of the large intestine closest to the rectum and anus. There, you'll find a muscle that keeps poo from going into the rectum and through the anus until you're actually ready to, you know, poo. That means there shouldn't be any stool where the top's dick is going, unless your top is hung like Jon Hamm times Justin Theroux.
  • The doctors added that over-the-counter enemas weren't intended to be used on a regular basis, either. "They cause a lot of trauma. The chemical in there creates irritation. It brings water into the movement so you can poop away, but it causes the cells [of the rectum] to get irritated.
  • What should you do instead? Well, probably nothing. Both doctors recommended a simple shower before bottoming, using plain water to clean the butthole and a little bit inside, too. If that's not sufficient, there's probably something wrong with your diet. – Vice.com

Definitely head over to Vice.com to see if you agree with their findings and if you are doing things right.  The article does say that some of us may not have to do anything at all. It all depends on your diet, physical rectal structure, etc.

Now it's time for me to go shower and get ready for Wilton Manor's Stonewall Pride.  I just need to figure out how much shower time I'll need.


What are your thoughts, Instincters.

Do you prepare? How often? Every night you go out?

Have you had more success not douching?

How long did it take for you to get the handle on douching?



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  1. Doctors have been telling

    Doctors have been telling women not to douche for decades. Not only does it irritate the linings, but also it flushes out helpful and beneficial bacteria.     …..     Eat broccoli. It's not only good for you, it's nature's whisk broom.


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