‘When You Find Out Your Straight Friends’ Secrets’


I don't have too many male straight friends that I go drinking with, but it seems once you get a drink or two in them, it is right, they swing a little more free.  I'm not talking about sexually swinging but just a little more loose with their true feelings and emotions.  Some get a little too free and with the stories they tell, well, you start to thank your lucky stars you are gay.

Michael Henry takes on the straight man's secrets in his newest installment of humor sent our way.  "When You Find Out Your Straight Friends' Secrets' shows Michael finding out what the hetero boys aren't telling us.





What's the biggest secret you've learned from your straight male friends?

Does it take alcohol to get them to open up?

Or are they looking to open up to us like the girls do to us gays?

And once they open up, is it too much?



h/t:  Michael Henry YouTube Channel

Michael Henry snap: youngmichael915
Paul McGovern Jr. insta: pmcg34
Andrew Carter insta: andrewcahtah

Written by: Michael Henry

Filmed/edited: Paul McGovern Jr.

Sound: Derick Faria

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