When Your Inner Beast Busts Out In Pop Lust

Rising out pop music artist Nicky Buell in the music video for 'Boy Crazy'
Rising out pop music artist Nicky Buell in ‘Boy Crazy’ (promo photo)

Rising out pop artist Nicky Buell says his latest single, “Boy Crazy,” is about “being full of lust and butterflies when you first start dating someone; the feelings you get when you first touch them, kiss them and just completely melt for them.”

The driving electro-pop track, with punchy kicks and euphoric heavy bass, conjures up those early manic moments in a relationship when you want everything to move fast because you’re jonseing to spend all your time with “him.”


The music video finds our hero busting out his inner beast over the new beau swapping in and out of normal Nicky to dark and hungry Nicky.

A huge fan of SFX makeup, Buell says he really wanted to incorporate the techniques in the new video. 

Buell says part of his creative drive comes from wanting to “normalize a boy singing about another boy in music.”


“I don’t hear enough songs about boys being in lust over other boys on the radio, or in music enough,” says Buell. “We need more representation. I want to be that representation for other queer people when I didn’t have that myself at a younger age.”

Rising out pop music artist Nicky Buell (promo photo)
Rising out pop music artist Nicky Buell (promo photo)

Buell shares that artists like Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, and John Legend have helped inspire and shape his own sound.

The Seattle-based artist not only sits in the pop realm but also bends the genre, dropping an occasional punchy rap verse to elevate his sound.


Earlier this year, Buell released his debut EP Spongy Emerald Prince, which chronicles his triumphs and heartbreak during his first year as an out gay man.

The cover image for Nicky Buell's debut EP 'Spongy Emerald Prince'
The cover image for Nicky Buell’s debut EP ‘Spongy Emerald Prince’

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