When you’re modeling purses, who needs clothes?

We’ve picked on Aberzombie and other companies for running ad campaigns that left out the actual garments they were trying to sell.  Naked boys climbing out of a pond spreading themselves across a dock.  Sure!  I’ll buy those jeans! 

One designer decided to follow Aberzombie’s lead and used just nude male models in a recent Madrid fashion show, but was smart enough to also include the product.

To promote a line of female handbags, nude male models were used to parade the bags around the runway.  I am sure the name of the company will come out eventually, but who’s looking at the bags anyway? In a recently shared video of the fashion show, even the camera man misses most of the bags and seemed to be fixated on the models.  The music could have been a little better.  It made me think of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz flying through the tornado, but this time backwards.  What I was surprised about was that they were not man purses or murses, but women’s handbags. 

Would it have been wrong to use female fashion models?  Male nudity more shocking?  Are we now going to picture all the dads in the mall holding their wives’ purses naked?  We already do that.  I am sure we would not have watched this video if they did use nude female models, but then again, that’s probably why male models were used.  The act was to get our attention.  Let them make a statement, whatever it is.  We’re fine with it. 

Of course we could not show the video here on our site because of the nudity. I usually like to take a screen shot of the video and use that as a picture, but there was always a penis or some butt cheek in the shot.  Below are a couple of screen grabs I could post . 


What do you think?