‘Where Are We?’ Britney Spears Forgets Where She Is Onstage

Britney Spears actually forgot where she was while performing onstage over the weekend. And before anyone rushes to judgment: we've all had a moment of forgetfulness in our own lives: either at a party, at a bar, or in life. But this story is too cute not to tell.


She was the headliner for Brighton Pride, which took place across the pond at the seaside town’s Preston Park. It was the first stop on the European leg of her Piece of Me tour, which she's been on for the past two months. She just finished up the second part in the United States last week.

The "Toxic" singer had a moment onstage where she forgot where she was… geographically speaking. Fans could audibly hear her ask, "Where are we?" to her backup dancers midway through the show.

One of them came to her rescue by saying, "Brighton Pride." Then Brit screamed to the audience, "What's up Brighton Pride?"

Fans who were there didn't seem too bothered with her unawareness of the city she was in, as they were too enthralled with their favorite pop goddess in front of them.


She shared several videos and photos from that night on her Instagram, where Britney seemed truly ecstatic to be there. "Brighton Pride…. all 57,000 of you are perfectly beautiful. Heard it was a record breaking turnout!!! Thank you for a fabulous show…my fabulous fans. I love you all," one of the posts read

It's Britney in Brighton… b***h. 




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