Where Should You Stay In New York City?

Elevator 20th Floor View / Image via INNSiDE by Meliá New York NoMad and WIll Kelly

Entering The INNSiDE by Meliá New York NoMad

Picture this, a quick and blissful weekend in New York City. One full of friendly hangouts, drinks, and laughter. But where will you stay during this trip? Well, the INNSiDE by Meliá New York NoMad.

I recently had the chance to stay at the INNSiDE. For the Philly area boy that I am, the locale, which is between the Chelsea/NoMad and Koreatown neighborhoods, is upscale and classy with a slight homey feel. As soon as I walked into the lobby, I recognized a polished aesthetic through the small but well-designed interior.


In fact, to the naked eye, the lobby is fairly clean and basic. A few pillows, books, and knick-knacks grace your eyes as you walk in. But there is more going on than you may think. From artwork by local talent to the inclusion of several bulldog figures, to honor the owner’s pet, the lobby is full of style and substance.

Then, it was time to check in.

As a young black man, it didn’t escape my notice that the entire front desk staff was people of color. I found that especially welcoming. Even better, they were friendly and happy people. I was met with smiling faces of the genuine variety. (Not the “my job is to be happy” kind). As I got my room keys, I joked and laughed with the staff as if I had been there for weeks. Definitely a good way to start.


But the lovely conversation didn’t stop there. As I rode inside the elevator, designed to be an interactive map of Manhattan, I shared pleasantries with a French man staying at the hotel. It seems the building inspires nice conversation at every turn.

INNSiDE Deluxe City View Room / Image via NNSiDE by Meliá New York NoMad and Will Kelly

The Room

After reaching the twentieth floor, where I was fortunate enough to stay, I entered my King City View room. And the room lived up to its name. My window gave a beautiful view of the New York skyline. From rooftop to rooftop and water tower to water tower, every inch of my view was beautiful and inspirational. Especially at night.


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But the exterior wasn’t the only sight.

As soon as I stepped into my King sized bedroom, the space screamed “New York elegance.” (At least, to an out-of-towner like myself). From neon lights glowing out of a cabinet to a foggy wall separating the bathroom shower and the bedroom, there was style seeping out of every corner.


But what about the functionality of the room? Well, from having a tv stocked to the nines with channels, nine or so outlets, and about eight lights, there were plenty of electrical tools to savor. Then, many amenities come with the room’s facility fee. That includes two juices and two bottles of water per day. (That’s right, no weight sensors to worry about here). In addition, there are things like a robe, slippers, and an umbrella to use during your stay. Though, you’ll be charged if you leave with them.

The INNSiDE by Meliá New York NoMad bills itself as an oasis in the metropolitan world, and it certainly is that. With class and comfort, the hotel rooms give you a trendy place to stay when you’re tired of concrete streets and city noise.

Chelsea Meeting Room / Image via INNSiDE by Meliá New York NoMad and Will Kelly

Business Space

But what if you’re here on business? Well, the INNSiDE has you covered on that front, too. In fact, the hotel is used almost evenly for leisure and business. 55 percent to 45 percent respectively.


There are plenty of international travelers and families who stay at the NoMad, but there are also businessmen, who stay there too. Some local companies even rent out space within the hotel purely for meetings and formal gatherings. Because of that, the building has a floor almost solely dedicated to formal affairs.

The second floor, which also holds the 24-hour fitness room, is focused on community building and business interactions. From having digital boards for important lectures to a Buzzfeed-esque relax room in today’s modern business age, the INNSiDE is focused on giving professionals anything they need for their stay.

The INNSiDE lobby and Wilson entrance / Image via Meliá New York NoMad and Will Kelly

The Wilson

As for nightlife at and around the INNSiDE by Meliá New York NoMad, it’s quiet but active. Being at such a chic area, there’s a lot happening at night. While the street isn’t necessarily loud, it is lively with groups of varying nationalities and ages walking around and enjoying the social life. During my stay, I heard conversations shared in French, German, Korean, and English by groups of varying faces and sizes.


Some of that nightlife also pools into the hotel through the Wilson restaurant.

Now, I’ll be honest with you. The Wilson is absolutely beautiful… and beautifully expensive. For a young writer like me, having a full course meal, two appetizers, two entrees, and a shared dessert, at this establishment was pricey. This restaurant is definitely a once per stay eatery for those vacationing on a budget.  But again, we’re in the Chelsea area, folks.

Despite the price, the food left a very good impression. I highly recommend having the Blue Crab Carbonara, which was absolutely delicious. In addition, the Through Rosé Colored Glasses drink with vodka, solerno blood orange, sparkling rosé, and more was smooth, clean, and sweet.


Of course, the star of the show was the chocolate chip cookie skillet. And while I was definitely two drinks in at that point, they don’t skimp on the alcohol here, that skillet was to die for. In fact, I had the pleasure of dining with a friend during this meal, but that friendship almost ended after realizing I had to share. I even contemplated returning just for that dessert!

Despite its high price, the Wilson is a wonderful hangout spot. With the option of inside or outside dining, the restaurant has a relaxed yet fashionable feel. Plus, the Wilson often holds events like sports viewings, Drag Race viewings, and holiday events that give a local hangout feel on top of the chic aesthetic.

The INNSiDE and Wilson exterior / Image via Meliá New York NoMad and Will Kelly

The INSIDE New York NoMad And The Wilson

It seems that merging of style meets comfort is at the heart of the INNSiDE New York NoMad and the Wilson. With each room and surface comes the deepest of considerations and variety. Both buildings were built with the basic mission of an oasis in the heart of New York City.


My stay at the INNSiDE New York NoMad during a quick weekend in Manhattan was blissful and sweet but with a bit of upscale flair. From the pink and blue neon lights in my room to the urban simplicity of the NYC skyline. From the welcoming and homey front desk staff to the trendy and attentive restaurant staff, I always felt cared for during my stay.

My time at the INNSiDE New York NoMad and the Wilson was fun, fast, and friendly with a bit of fashionable flair. And while I have no idea what the future holds, I would frankly visit again.

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