Which Adult Gay Performers Garner The Most Subscribers?

Cade Maddox, Griffin Barrows, and Gabriel Cross are three of the top subscribed accounts on the popular fan site JustFor.Fans
L-R Cade Maddox, Griffin Barrows, Gabriel Cross (images via Instagram)

The creator of JustFor.Fans, Dominic Ford, has announced the most followed gay accounts on the popular fan site platform.

“This list is incredibly diverse in porn star vs. amateur, age, race, body type,” wrote Ford on Twitter. “It is the point of a platform like JFF where everyone stands an equal chance of being successful.” 


“I am proud of everyone on the JFF platform, and this list is a microcosm of that diversity,” added the entrepreneur.

Ford told Out that he opted to share a Top 15 because his list is ordered by the most subscribers. But when ordered by the most profits, some from numbers 11-15 jumped up into the top ten.


Those fifteen gay adult accounts garnering the most attention on the streaming platform are listed below with links to their (NSFW) Twitter accounts:

1. Griffin Barrow
2. Gabriel Cross
3. Rhyheim Shabazz
4. Rafael Alencar
5. RopeTrainKeep
6. DeepFillerNYC
7. HungerFF
8. RealMenFullBush
9. Max Konnor
10. PhatRabbitKill2
11. ItsKravemelanin
12. CadeMaddoxX
13. RoccoSteeleNYC
14. MichaelLucasNYC
15. AdamRussoXXX

(image via Twitter)

Ford also released a list of the Top 10 trans performers on JustFor.Fans


1. TripleXtransman
2. BillyVegaXXX
3. TatitaHilton
4. StevieTrixx
5. AndreaAnaconda
6. XXXZaktransman
7. ClubPanthera
8. Katheriinets
9. Livviayvonne
10. Cece_hung


(h/t Out)

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  1. Why is it that the picture you used for this article includes the top two highs st earners, but not the third? Ryheim is one of the few Black performers on this list and to see him get skipped over when you included the top two doesn’t make any sense.


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