Which “American Idol” Champion Blocked Billy Eichner On Twitter?

Bros writer and creator Billy Eichner stopped by the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse Tuesday night to dish on anything and everything. Eichner was joined by comedian Kate Berlant. Both guests provided the laughs during the thirty minute talk show. However the night was almost stolen by guest bartender, and Bros costar, the hysterical Guy Branum. During the After Show host Andy Cohen asked Eichner about why a certain country singer blocked him on Twitter.


The Billy on the Street star relayed a story about why…Blown Away singer Carrie Underwood blocked him. The American Idol champion

is apparently a Republican. Was this well known? Why Carrie why?


Eichner calling the blocking “one of the great thrills of his life,” explaining,

“During the height of Covid she retweeted a speech by some Republican guy saying kids shouldn’t have to wear masks in school…kind of letting her political views be known for the first time. I guess I made some jokes about it that went viral on Twitter and I guess she didn’t like that.”


This shouldn’t come as a surprise that a country singer leans Republican but Carrie? Another one lost to the cult of hate and intolerance. Damn, Before He Cheats used to be my jam! BATHROOM POLO! 

See the full clip below.



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