Which Nerd From ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Is Rocking It At The Gym?

When it comes to geeks, you shouldn't underestimate us. When push comes to shove, we can take it up a notch if we need to.  And it looks like one of our more well know gay geeks has been practicing his pushing and shoving skills.

'The Big BangTheory' actor Jim Parsons recently took to social media to show that he's not a slouch when it comes to knowing his way around the gym. You wouldn't expect his character on the show, Sheldon Cooper, to do what Parsons did recently, but maybe he will work it into an episode in the future.

Since I have never participated in a sled push or whatever you call it, I had to text a friend to see if pushing a 725 lb sled was impressive in the gym world.  He said it was. 

On a recent episode of Dan Patrick, Jim Parsons talk about his gym experiences and mentions his Instagram post.  He also mentions in a round about way that he doesn't do well at the gym as a whole, but does some exercises very well.  We can relate!

Thanks Jim for sharing your success.  We look forward to seeing that Flash shirt look a little tighter on you in the future.

h/t:  menshealth.com

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