Which Of Our Favorite Webcrawlers Was Sporting A Fake Butt?

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There was a fake bum in Spider-Man: No Way Home? I never really thought about it but I guess there is the option for physical enhancements on movie sets. If you had the chance to get a fake bum every time why would you not? lol. I mean there are only so many squats one can do, you are now in the biggest motion picture EVER, yes I will take a fake bum thank you very much. How do we even know there is a fake bum? Spider-Man No Way Home star Tom Holland just as much said so on a recent television appearance. According to Uproxx,

“During Monday night’s Late Night episode, Holland revealed that one of his predecessors was packing a fake Spider-butt, and it’s safe to say, this information shakes the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe to its core.”

So since that’s taken care of, and since it’s a Monday afternoon in February in NYC and I’m too cold to go outside this is as a good a problem for me to solve as any other kind today. And yes I am playing fast and loose with the word problem. Any butt problem is a good problem. 

Let’s see if we can make an educated guess through Instagram photos:






Well, none of that research helped us decide, but it was a lovely way to spend a few minutes lol, so we are going to call it a day and just say whoever had the fake bum we here at Instinct stan bums of all different shapes and sizes! The big ones, the little ones, the ginormous ones, and the ones in between! (I do wonder what KIND of fake bum it was did it make it more muscular, or just bigger? lol)

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Sources: Uproxx

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