Which Two Gay Icons First Met Inside a Gay Bathhouse?


In the 1960's through the 80's, bathhouses were a gay mecca of sorts where men can convene to relax amongst other activities.  Throughout the course of them being open (in particular New York City), a bevy of gay and gay-friendly entertainers have popped in to perform for the bevy of half naked men.  Two of them, very well known names in the music biz, happened to meet at one of the most iconic bathhouses in the world back in the 60's.  And the answer to this just might surprise you.

Nona Hendryx, one of the original members of the hit girl group Labelle (who was responsible for the megahit "Lady Marmalade") just spoke with The New York Post about her illustrious career and the legends she has worked with over the past forty years.  So who did she happen to meet one night at a bathhouse?  The answer is….

Bette Midler!  Here's what she had to say about the experience.  "I like to get all over Manhattan and see people performing in various venues. I saw my old friend Bette Midler recently in “Hello, Dolly,” and she was wonderful. We first met at the Continental Baths (formerly in the Ansonia Hotel). It was a gay bathhouse that would have artists come and play there while guys watched wrapped in their towels — or not! I think that’s where she developed the moniker “The Divine Miss M.”

Absolutely amazing!  Are you surprised at how these two met? 

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