Which Way Will California Go?

So California, what are you going to do this week?  Are you going to give Bernie a chance at the convention or are you going to push Hillary through to the nomination?

I'm basically of the mentality that at this point, either Democratic Candidate will be fine for me.  But California does have the chance to make Hillary the candidate or let the process move further along and breathe more air into the Sanders campaign.






The video below is the FULL speech Hillary Clinton made this past week.

"Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton delivers a speech outlining her foreign policy positions and how they differ from presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump." – CNN



Even if there is a tie in California, that most likely will not be enough for Bernie to stop Hillary from getting the nomination based on campaign results.

Heading into the last big primary day, California's contest looks like a virtual toss-up with Hillary Clinton up two points on Bernie Sanders, 49 percent to 47 percent, as Sanders has closed a double-digit gap there in recent weeks. In New Jersey — the other large delegate prize of the night — shows Clinton with a solid lead, 61 percent to 34 percent over Sanders. Taken together, Tuesday night is when Hillary Clinton is positioned to pick up enough delegates to get the majority she'd need for nomination.

To get to that majority, Clinton does not need to win either state outright – because delegates are given out based on vote share, not just to the winner. So these state percentages suggest Clinton could go over the line by adding to her elected delegate total – which she already leads – coupled with her current support from the "superdelegates," the party leaders and elected officials who are backing her.

But party politics might turn out to be more complicated than the math. Many of Sanders' California backers aren't giving up and still see a chance to influence the Democratic party even if Sanders doesn't get the nomination. Fifty-seven percent say that influence is their main reason for voting for Sanders now, not because they think he has a good shot to win, and they're still aiming to turn out Tuesday.

Almost six in ten of Sanders' California backers would like to see him fight on to the convention and try to get the nomination instead of Clinton, even if he doesn't secure a majority of delegates in the primaries. This contrasts with sentiment among Democrats overall, as 71 percent would like to see Sanders throw his support to Clinton and have a unified convention once these primaries are done. (That includes Clinton backers who, unsurprisingly, are near-unanimous in urging Sanders to unify.) – cbsnews.com


What will California decide to do? 

Even if Hillary seals the deal, would you still like to see Bernie at the DNC and hear his voice?

Would you like to see Bernie have a role in a Clinton candidacy?

Hillary in a Bernie candidacy?


h/t:  Robert Reich and Moveon.org

What do you think?