Which Wine Goes With Your Fav Donut On National Donut Day?


No, now stop.  Don't look at me like I am crazy.  People consume these together and they love it.  Pairing wines with doughnuts is not as crazy as it sounds, but is it epic?


There have been many that have ventured down the road of mixing glazes with grapes (bostinno.streetwise.co), but I have not been one of them.  On this National Donut Day, will you try something new?


Vinepair.com has given us wine / donut combo virgins some suggestions as to what to pair with what.  From their Dunk Into National Doughnut day With These Doughnut And Wine Pairings, I've pulled my favorite ones, or at least the ones I want to try.




Chocolate Cake – Paired with Cabernet Sauvignon


A doughnut as deep and dark as the chocolate cake doughnut needs a wine that can stand by its side. Cabernet Sauvignon is this dougnut’s full-bodied match made in heaven because its dark fruity flavors can handle the death-by-chocolate-drama that the chocolate cake doughnut brings to the table.




Chocolate Frosted – Paired with Merlot.


What makes this doughnut so special is the fact that it’s a lighter base doughnut with an supremely divine chocolate topping. Take advantage of the sweet-cocoa flavors with a Merlot. It’s easy to drink (just like these damn doughnuts are easy to eat) and has enough spicy berry notes to tango with the chocolate.




Jelly – Paired with Malbec


Depending on the doughnut shop you go to, the jelly-filled doughnut can be sweet, savory, or even somewhere in-between. Generally, you can expect a jelly doughnut to consist of red berry filling, thus we recommend a Malbec. Malbec has a lot of the darker berry flavors that can transform your plain raspberry filled doughnut into a mixed-berry masterpiece.



Boston Creme – Paired with Extra- Brut Champagne.


Last but certainly not least, the Boston cream doughnut is as full-flavored as they come. This handheld version of the Boston cream pie is so heavenly rich, it needs a dry wine full of bubbles to slice right through the pastry cream. Thankfully, an Extra-Brut Champagne is up for the job.




For all the other pairings, head over to Vinepair.com   and see what wine goes with your favorite donut or vice versa.  It is interesting that all the donuts I like pair up with a red wine or champagne.  There are others on the list that match with a white or even a rose and a champagne.

So forget your WOD today and lose your directions to the gym and get yee to a bakery and a wine store.  Why not celebrate National Doughnut Day with your favorite beverage.  Give it a go!

Why hasn't someone come up with an event "Bears and Donuts and Wine, Oh My!" 



h/t: Vinepair.com

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