Which Zodiac Sign Makes The Best Boyfriend?

Where Does Your Zodiac Sign Fall In A Rank Of Best Boyfriends?

Our friends at Thought Catalog, have…somehow…determined which Zodiac Signs make the best boyfriends. While they give absolutely no research or study, besides maybe experience(?), their article has gone viral. It’s been popping up on my newsfeed constantly, so, as always, I had to share with you. How does your sign rank in their list?!

The article ranks the worst boyfriend as…

12. Pisces. Pisces men are the most sensitive of all signs. They tend to gravitate towards people who are completely opposite of them. This makes relationships hard because conflicts arise when they get hurt a lot for little things and their partner can’t relate to their sensitivity. When they find the right person who understands them they can be a great partner but most the time they live in their own world of fantasies, thinking and feeling everything really deeply, that it’s too much for most people. While they have good hearts and better intentions, they are painfully guarded and tend to choose the wrong people. It isn’t that they themselves make a bad boyfriend but they choose the wrong people that bring out the worst in them which are qualities of jealousy and insecurity.”

Oh no! My Pisces brothers where are you?! Luckily, I’m not too involved in Astrology and I have never dated a Pisces. Which, maybe I should, I love a good push-over!

Historically, I’ve dated Scorpios. I mainly went to this article to see where my exes would fall in line, because you know, sometimes I still live in the past. I was so shocked to discover their number one ranking…

1. Scorpio. While they have a bad rep Scorpio guys are both charismatic and charming but also very deep and complicated. If you can win over the heart of a Scorpio man you will have his love, devotion, and dedication to you always. They are the most loyal of all signs and makes the best boyfriend. While there are many complicated layers to them, you’ll realize under the surface they have a heart of gold. If you are dating one, understand they need their space. A perfect match will be someone who understands and respects that. Someone with thick skin because as good as their intentions are they are brutally honest. But at the end of the day, they will do anything to make you happy.”

Of course, Scorpios rank number one! Those damn Alphas!

Where does your sign rank?

Check out the article in full here!

2 thoughts on “Which Zodiac Sign Makes The Best Boyfriend?”

  1. Lol..bs..on alot of these.

    Lol..bs..on alot of these..gemenis are two faced and not a gentleman, they are weak, scared, and cant man up, sorry personal experience.

  2. ahhhhh so why does it say

    ahhhhh so why does it say "woman" not man by their side ?? it does say makes the best boyfriend


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