While On A 6-Month YouTube Hiatus, Oakley Shared Workouts on IG

Tyler Oakley (Photo Credit: Kyle Kreiger via Tyler Oakley Official Instagram Account)

It has been six months since popular YouTube personality Tyler Oakley announced his hiatus from the video-sharing website and while he has not made a new video for YouTube for that time frame, Oakley has been active on other social media platforms.

Over on Twitch, the website used for gamers to stream, Oakley plays various games like Animal Crossing, Fortnite, Dead by Daylight, and many other games while he provides funny commentary and chats with his Twitch subscribers.


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On Twitter, he shares content and tweets of upcoming streams from his Twitch channel.  Oakley also continues to co-host the weekly podcast, Psychobabble with his best friend, Korey KuhlPsychobabble recently passed the milestone of its 300th episode.


Oakley shares the majority of news from his personal life on his Instagram page including his transformation to hot stud.  In April, Oakley started his own workout video series called Get Fit with Tyler Oakley.  The payoff from Oakley’s workout has resulted in one hell of a glow-up.


At the beginning of May, Oakley shared on Instagram his Lasik procedure while answering any questions his followers had about Lasik.


On Tuesday, June 15, Oakley shared a seriously sexy series of pictures that could only be described as a thirst trap. In a collaboration with a Canadian underwear company called Saxx Underwear.

Needless to say, there were a lot of thirsty comments on Oakley’s sexy photos.





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