While You Were Sleeping, This Guy Was Putting His Tongue To Work

Some folks in Salinas, CA woke to some weird activity at their front doors that was caught on their surveillance cameras early Saturday morning—and no, it wasn’t the postman.

Videos caught on doorbell cameras recorded a man licking the doorbell for lengthy periods of time. A new episode of My Strange Addiction? No, just someone who apparently really loves to play with people’s buzzers.

Authorities have identified the doorbell licker as Roberto Daniel Arroyo and they say he spent over 3 hours doing engaging in such activities around different homes in the neighborhood. Although no harm was really done, Arroyo could face two misdemeanors for petty theft and prowling—he has still not been detained.

Salinas resident Francisco Javier Estrada told KION:

Comical in a sense, but we have to keep our eyes open make sure it’s nothing more than that.

Yes! What if he starts licking door knobs!

h/t: KION



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