Who Deserves To Be ‘The Sexiest Man Alive 2017’?

These Four Men Are More Suited Than Blake Shelton!

If you haven’t heard, Country music artist, Blake Shelton, was voted The Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine!

Do you agree?

Did someone throw a dart and have it land on him? Let’s look at some hilarious tweets surrounding the announcement by People. Some of the best parodied the 2016 Presidential Election and reality tv.






I’m happy to note that I’m not the only one who is thinking that Shelton should not have been given this honor, especially in this current and politically charged climate. Shelton allegedly cheated on his ex-wife, tossed around a ton of unfunny, homophobic tweets, and is known to drink his weight in alcohol. His own tweet below sums up his thought process:



Yet, Shelton was deemed Sexiest Man Alive 2017. Sigh.

If you disagree with People Magazines decision, you aren’t alone. I'm right there with you. Here are a few gentlemen who I believe would’ve been a much better choice for the first Trump-Era Sexiest Man. Shelton is still an attractive man. Trust me, I love an older man and a dad-bod, but come on, know your audience, People!

Check out four men who may be far more deserving of the title rather than Shelton:

Jason Momoa

Ethnically Ambigious Jason Momoa, 38, would be perfect for The Sexiest Man Alive 2017. He’s one of the few great things to come out of Entertainment this year, starring in what should be the biggest blockbuster of the winter, Justice League. Hell, because of Momoa – the Justice League boys are by far the ultimate hunks across all superhero rosters!

Idris Elba

Hunky, bold, and English?! Sign me up! Idris Elba, 45, has had leaps and bounds in his acting career since his appearance on The Wire and has has become a household name. He’s already been named Essence’s Sexiest Man, so why hasn’t he made the jump into the Bible of tabloids, People? Not only is he neck breaking, but he has two children and is spiritual. Please, come to me daddy.

Matt McGorry

Why is Matt McGorry, 31, so underrated?! This is probaby the Sexiest Man currently on my television screen! Goofy, cute, and extremely ethical, McGorry covers all the bases to make any liberal’s flood gates open! He is an activist, feminist, and was previously a competitive body builder. I could watch him sloppily dance and shake his big behind on How To Get Away With Murder over and over until my eyes fell out of my skull. I don't know everything, but something keeps telling me we’ll see McGorry join the LGBTQ family soon. Then we could say we had someone who identifies with us grace People’s cover!

Michael Fassbender

Another hunk from overseas, but please bring him to me! Michael Fassbender, 40, was recently married to the next Lara Croft, but we all know we’re still dreaming about him. He’s been in blockbusters such as X-Men and 12 Years A Slave. Plus, if religion isn’t your thing – he’s a fallen Catholic. He also formed his own production company, Finn McCool Films, guaranteeing that we won’t be losing him from our focus anytime soon. Did Fassbender not pick up his telephone when People called?

Those are just four of my drool worthy, inside and out better options for the prize. Who do you believe should’ve been chosen as The Sexiest Man Alive for 2017?! Please, let us know!

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