Who is Cuter: Gus Kenworthy or his Pup Beemo?

Olympian and all-around good guy Gus Kenworthy looks to have more than one cute companion by his side as of late (besides his smoking hot actor boyfriend Matt Wilkas). We are talking about his precious dog Beemo, whom both Gus & Matt rescued from a Korean dog meat farm during the 2018 Winter Olympics!

Beemo has gotten so popular since Gus & Matt rescued him back in January that he actually has his own Instagram page.  Their pup already has 129,000 followers, which is fairly impressive but totally understandable as his cuteness (which somewhat matches Gus and Matt's) is out of this world incredible.

If you ever need a reason why Beemo has so many followers, take a look at these five photos of this adorable little one with one of his daddies as proof.  Definitely a great way to get you through your Monday.




Get in loser, we're going shopping.

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He's thirsty for attention… I'm just thirsty for water.

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Lick it right, lick it good, lick this puppy just like you should…

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