Who Needs ‘Ex on the Beach’ When You Have OnlyFans?

Photo Credit: Shaun Vadella

Known as Nick the Gardener on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Billy Reilich branched out from talk show fame into the world of reality television with big spots on What Happens at the Abby and season three of MTV’s Ex on the Beach.

During his tenure on Ex on the Beach, I was immediately drawn to Mr. Reilich because of his hulking good looks, but beyond the big muscles lay a heart of gold. While on the show, Billy divulged that he identifies as pansexual and detailed his struggles with accepting himself and gaining the acceptance of others. It was a powerful story and an important moment for the queer community.

Billy recently appeared in a single episode of Men of West Hollywood, ushering in what could be another adventure into reality television. Oh, and he has another announcement…

He launched an OnlyFans!

His OnlyFans capture reads:

Started as the gardener, now I’m here. Will be posting a couple shoots a month, just for fun. Trying to not take myself so serious with this.

I subscribed to the reality star’s OnlyFans page, for research purposes of course, and for $20 a month, the price of purchase remains to be seen. Officially launched 2 days ago, you can already see his bare ass and a very prominent VPL in the shower. Hopefully in the coming months there will be more salivating content. And yes, I’m hoping for more nudity if he’s comfortable with that.

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If you’ve never known of Billy Reilich before this writing, here are a few photos to see what the hunk looks like with his clothes on. Maybe it will inspire you to subscribe!

1 thought on “Who Needs ‘Ex on the Beach’ When You Have OnlyFans?”

  1. Can see how he’s some people’s type but doesn’t do enough for me to think about wasting $20 bucks a month – and surprised that what’s essentially a blurb for this dudes onlyfans get posted on here as content. At least try to get an interview with the dude, and ask him about himself and find out if there’s anything going on in his life besides OF and reality teevee. I means, it’s not like there aren’t openly gay guys who are doing noteworthy stuff (like say Matt Rogers or Zane Parker) at the moment that could be reported on, even if they aren’t (well Matt’s cute, just not hunky) as buff as this dude.

    A good article on pansexuality is probably over due because I bet you most dudes here read that and assume it’s someone who might flirt with being bi or kissing a boy but wouldn’t really date one or have full on penetrative sex, and it’s just a trendy label to attach that isn’t ‘cis het.’


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