Who Wants To Be In The Middle Of An Efron Sandwich?

Brothers Zac and Dylan Efron bungee jump
Brothers Zac and Dylan Efron (screen captures via Instagram)

To bungee jump or not to bungee jump, that is the question. Or, is it?

The idea of bungee jumping has always seemed like both a supreme adrenaline rush and scary AF at the same time.


But what if taking that ride meant being in the middle of an Efron brothers sandwich?

Where do we sign up?

Dylan and Zac Efron bungee jump Down Under
Dylan and Zac Efron (screen capture via Instagram)

Zac Efron and equally hunky bro Dylan, currently down under in Australia, shared a couple of GoPro videos capturing their shirtless duo BJ (bungee jump) for Brothers Day, and its definitely worth the watching.


You may ask, “Why are they shirtless?” Answer: who cares? 

As actress Jessica Alba says in the comments, “So many abs – so little time…” 

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