Who Was Up To What This Week? Coffee, Work, Beach…?

Billy Reilich plays some sports ball on the beach
Billy Reilich plays some sports ball on the beach (via Instagram)

Checking out our Top 10 Favorite Instagram posts this week.

First up, Billy Reilich (above) got in some sports ball on the beach.


Wilhelmina model Pierre Vuala, self-professed introvert, wondered if life alone on an island would be heaven…or get old quick?

We always thought Max Emerson was a knockout – and it turns out we were right:


Actor & singer Jim Newman was just hanging around Brazil looking daddy AF:


Daniel Montoya found the PERFECT pants to play golf in (or anything really):


Bruno Tarchetti snatched up some coffee-time furry goodness:


Victor Calderon was serving up serious chocolate cake:


Ramon Ventura celebrated National Barbie Day in his own special way:


This is the face Dan Tai makes when he’s told he has to work out with his t-shirt ON:



We think every Chevron station should have employees as jacked as Arizona bodybuilder Jett Wayne:

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