Who Would Kathy Griffin Save From Death: Andy Cohen or Anderson Cooper?

Kathy Griffin has let her opinions be heard about several different people in and out of the entertainment industry (take a look at our exclusive we did with her last month for a taste of that), however two punching bags that she seems to get a thrill out of shading recently is her former boss Andy Cohen and her former best friend Anderson Cooper.


Andy, who was Kathy's boss during her time on Bravo's My Life on the D-List and her talk show that aired in the early 2010's, wasn't exactly cherished by the legendary comedian.  She went on a 17-minute rant about him and TMZ's Harvey Levin back in October.  During that video, she said that he was a "miserable boss", made allegations about his drug use and said that he (alongside Harvey) lived to take women down. 

At the same time, she and Anderson had a major falling out after the whole Trump photo situation, where he shaded her on social media and essentially chose career over friendship in the process.  This became a big topic of conversation on social media when Andy replaced Kathy to host CNN's New Year's Eve, which was universally panned as a result.

Kathy decided to keep her shade about the two of them going, as she appeared on Howard Stern's talk show earlier this week.  The legendary radio host asked her a simple question about them: "If you had to save Anderson Cooper's life, or Andy Cohen's life, who do you choose at this point?"

"I would let them both die," Kathy quickly retorted.  Not shocking at all.

What are your thoughts on Kathy's response? 


3 thoughts on “Who Would Kathy Griffin Save From Death: Andy Cohen or Anderson Cooper?”

  1. I remember when she went on a

    I remember when she went on a 19 minute rant about being "viciously attacked by andy cohen" because he had said "I don't know her" about Kathy. Now she talks about wanting to watch him die. She really has no self-awareness.

    • She was asked a stupid

      She was asked a stupid question by a shock jock, and she answered accordingly. Ands she didn't say she "wanted to watch" anyone die. This isn't Bravo; we don't need the drama.


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