Who’s A Pirate? Who’s A Killer? Who’s On First?

Artie O'Daly and Doug Rogers in "Bad Boy Sleepover"
Artie O’Daly and Doug Rogers in “Bad Boy Sleepover”

In the latest installment of the popular “Bad Boy” web series, Scott (series creator Artie O’Daly) is surprised by “maybe boyfriend” Brian (Doug Rogers) for a date night which quickly turns into a sleepover.

Yay! Sexy sexy time!


But since the two “haven’t made it to many bases yet” (or as Scott points out – “no bases”), some sleepwear might be in order. Brian doesn’t have any, so Scott offers up anything in his closet. 

Brian finds some nice pajamas, but it turns out Scott was hoping Bri-guy would have picked the leather harness that’s easily in reach.

Brian: “I thought that was for your dog.”
Scott: “You could be my dawg…”

This all would seem great except Brian is acting mysterious, and as soon as they get into bed just about everyone who’s ever appeared in the fun, hyper-farcical series decides to show up as well. 


In Scott’s bedroom.

Brian sneaks out of the bedroom to search for something, and Jim (Drew Canan) suddenly appears. For a second, he pretends to be Brian (since Scott’s wearing a sleep mask) and one grope leads to another and the next thing you know, they’re making out.

Batter up! We’ve made it to first base!

Artie O'Daly and Drew Canan
Artie O’Daly and Drew Canan

Except Scott wants Brian, not Jim. And Jim is convinced Brian wants to kill Scott.

So Jim “apparates” himself downstairs (we still don’t know how Jim does this) but FBI agent Calista Flockhart suddenly appears in the bedroom as she has a date with James (Alex Dyon) who’s in faux vampire mode.

Scott’s anxiety quickly rises as he sees his sleepover with his “non-sexual non-boyfriend dream man” devolving before his eyes. 

Along the way, Scott keeps reminding everyone someone wants to kill him, but practically no one believes him.


More is revealed in rapid ‘ricochet rabbit’ speed including Brian being a pirate (or a bisexual pirate, or maybe none of that), and the true target of the knife-wielding assassins Mary-Kate (Miki Yamashita) and Ashley (Eden Robledo).

Eden Robledo and Miki Yamashita
Eden Robledo and Miki Yamashita

Good thing there’s an FBI agent (or two?) present to arrest the assassins. And yet…

Word is this is the next to last episode of the series, and O’Daly has been leaving clues to solve the mystery of the killer along the way. So, pay attention to the word play.


To paraphrase one commenter on the YouTube page remarks, we came for the hot guys, but we’re staying for the “absolute insanity.”


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  1. EXCELLENT web series!!! EVERYONE is EXCELLENT!!! The writing, directing, acting, lights & sound, EVERYONE is Top Knotch!!! If you have not seen this web series, you are truley missing out!!! YES ther are LOTS of HOTTT men!!!!


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