Who’s Been Tapped To Play A Young Arnold Schwarzenegger in Bodybuilding Film ‘Bigger’?

Arnold Schwarzenegger will be a big part of a new film soon. George Gallo has already announced a couple of his stars in his upcoming project Bigger, a film covering the over-the-top lives of Joe and Ben Weider, the founders of the Mr. Olympia bodybuilding contest.  Colton Haynes And Tyler Hoechlin Will Co-Star In A New Bodybuilding Biopic, we already knew that and yes, we are very excited. But who will play Arnold, the seven time title holder of Mr. Olympia.  who could play one of the most well known action movie heroes in film history?


Gallo did not have to look too hard.  All he had to do was to look at the competition he was going to document, Mr. Universe.  George Gallo has given the nod to Mr. Universe 2014 winner, Calum Von Moger.



How close is the match in looks?  Looks pretty good even though Arnold was born in Austria and Calum in Australia



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We are sure Calum is elated that he has the chance to mirror his idol. Von Moger's personal website says Schwarzenegger "became his primary source of inspiration. The physiques of the 1970’s were the epitome of body building for Calum. Taking inspiration from these body building icons, Calum is driven with a strong ambition to create a customized classic physique that is all his own.”

We wish Calum luck in portraying the "guvenator."  If Calum is not your speed of man, we will still have Colton Haynes to drool over as Jack Lalanne and Tyler Hoechlin, who portrays Joe Weider.



The film is set to release in 2018.



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